Ultimate OSRS Slayer Guide From Level 1 To 99

What is Slayer?

Slayer in OSRS is a skill that allows players to kill a variety of different monsters that can be found throughout Gielinor. To get started, players must visit a Slayer master, who will assign them a task to kill certain monsters based on the player’s Combat level.

Slayer experience is roughly equal to a slain monster’s Hitpoints and is awarded each time the player kills an assigned monster.

Completing Slayer tasks is one of the main ways of passively training combat, as Combat experience is still given as normal while fighting Slayer monsters. Slayer is a very profitable skill to train and can make you a lot of OSRS gold, as high-leveled Slayer monsters, such as Slayer bosses have a multitude of both rare and valuable drops.

Introduction To OSRS Slayer Skill Training And What To Expect

To get a Slayer task, players must visit one of nine Slayer masters throughout RuneScape. All but two Slayer masters have a Combat level requirement, and the ultimate Slayer master moreover also requires a Slayer level requirement.

The assignments are for the most part suitable for the Combat level of the player, assuming that the player is using the highest slayer master accessible. Players may be assigned normal monsters to kill, or they may be assigned monsters that require the use of Slayer-specific items to deal damage or Slayer-specific armour to prevent stat reduction.

The Slayer equipment necessary to kill slayer monsters can be obtained from any slayer master. Once you get your task, you’ll be able to ask the master for advice on killing the assigned monsters, and they will tell you if special equipment is required. If no special equipment is necessary, they will give you other tips or advice such as if the monster is weak to poison or Magic.

To assist you throughout your Slayer journey, players can purchase or create different equipment or items such as monsters specific equipment (example: Nose Peg), the Slayer Helm, the Enchanted Gem, Bracelet of Slaughter, etc.

These items will be pointed out in detail throughout the guide, so we encourage you to read on!

Recommended Equipment and Items For Your Slayer Journey

As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, some slayer masters will assign you monsters that require specific pieces of gear equipped to defeat them. These OSRS items can be easily purchased through the Slayer Masters’ Shop.


The above items that you see in the shop, can also be used to make the Slayer Helmet, however since this also requires further requirements – this will be discussed further throughout this OSRS Slayer guide.

Players can also purchase or create Expeditious and slaughter bracelets to help them out with their current slayer tasks. The Expeditious Bracelets will overall shorten the number of monsters in your task by 25%, with 30 charges per bracelet, while the Bracelets of Slaughter will increase the length of your task.

These are fantastic for several reasons. Being able to shorten your task lets you do tasks that are not worth blocking or skipping, but are still decent XP.

The last thing we’d like to mention before proceeding to the next section is the importance of the Dwarf Multicannon.

The Dwarf Multicannon will help speed up slayer tasks by a lot, and when we say a lot, we mean it! Asides from being helping you out with rushing through tasks, it also provides you with passive ranged experience.

Did you know that if you cannoned as many tasks as possible going from 1 – 99 Slayer, you would get around 90 – 95 Ranged.

Check out our OSRS Ranged Training Guide if you need help leveling your Ranged skill.

Slayer Masters, Slayer Points, Pro and Cons!

There are currently 9 Slayer Masters available on Old School Runescape, some that have specific requirements as well as special mechanics they work with.

Two of them have no Slayer, or Combat level requirements, while the rest gradually move their way up in Combat requirements. Each Slayer Master has its own benefits and reasons for choosing to get tasks from them. These are the most important things you need to know about the masters.

Slayer Master Requirements Pros and Cons
Turael No Requirements
  • Fast Slayer Task
  • Awards No Slayer Points
Spria A Porcine of Interest Quest
  • Fast Slayer Task
  • Awards No Slayer Points
Krystilia No Requirements
  • Lots of Slayer Points
  • Hard Tasks for Low Levelled Players
  • Tasks must be completed purely in Wilderness
Mazchna 20 Combat

Priest in Peril Quest

  • Tasks that Mazchna assigns are close-by
  • Perfect for Low-Level Players
  • Very Low Slayer Points
Vannaka 40 Combat
  • Generally Long Tasks
  • Hard Tasks for Low Levelled Players
Chaeldar 70 Combat

Lost City Quest

  • Good Experience-based tasks
  • Assigns plenty of Metal Dragons that might be tedious to deal with
Konar quo Maten 75 Combat
  • Perfect for Experience and Profit Tasks
  • Recommended for Streak Tasks (Explained Further on)
  • Tasks are Locked by Areas that are Assigned Specific per task
Nieve | Steve 85 Combat
  • Great Experience and Profit Tasks
  • The Closest Slayer Master to a Teleport and Bank
Duradel 100 Combat

50 Slayer Level

  • Best Experience per Hour
  • Frequently Assigns Boss Tasks
  • Longest Tasks

Let us now get into Slayer Points.

What are Slayer Points?


After finishing 5 Slayer tasks in a row, one will start to receive Slayer Points after completing a Slayer Task. The amount of points you get varies according to the following criteria:

  1. The Slayer Master that assigned you the task
  2. Your Slayer Task Streak Multiplier

Each Slayer Master awards a different number of BASE Slayer Points per Task, and the reason why we are using the word BASE is that every 10th, 50th, 100th, slayer task, you will be awarded the Base points of the last Slayer Master used multiplied by a multiplier.


The following table shows the Base Slayer points according to each Slayer Master with upgrades were available.

Base Points per Task Points Notes
Turael 0 Points
Spria 0 Points
Krystilia 25 Points
Mazchna 2 Points
Vannaka 4 Points
Chaeldar 10 Points
Konar quo Maten 18 Points Increased to 20 with Elite Kourend Diary
Nieve | Steve 12 Points Increased to 15 with Elite Western Prov. Diary
Duradel 15 Points

Slayer Point Rewards


With the points, by right-clicking any master, you can view the rewards, and there is a variety of things you can buy.

They fall into 5 categories:

  1. Task extensions
  2. Task unlocks
  3. Item unlocks
  4. Buying items
  5. Task management

Task extension is pretty self-explanatory. You can make some tasks longer in exchange for Slayer Points.

Task Unlocks allow Slayer Masters to assign tasks they could not normally assign.

You can unlock items like the Slayer Ring, Slayer Helmet, and its recolours as well.

Task management includes blocking and skipping your Slayer Tasks without penalty to your overall task count.

PRO TIP: Recommended Unlocks using your Slayer Points

Unlocking the ability to create the Slayer Helm should be your number 1 priority.

The Slayer Helm is a piece of headgear made by combining various pieces of slayer equipment. The helmet can be created by players with level 55 Crafting (boosts work) and who have unlocked the “Malevolent masquerade” ability for 400 slayer reward points.

It requires 10 Defence to equip. Despite the helmet requiring a nose peg, which requires 60 Slayer to equip, the slayer helmet requires no particular Slayer level to wear.

While worn, the helmet provides the special effects of all of the Slayer equipment from which it was made from.

When worn on a Slayer assignment, the helmet provides the Melee boost of 16.67% (from the black mask used to make it) against monsters assigned as the player’s slayer task.

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s get onwards with the actual level 1-99 recommended Slayer Guide for OSRS.

OSRS Slayer Guide From Level 1 To 99

Disclaimer: This Section assumes that you are somewhere in your ~100 Combat and therefore will assume that you are only after Slayer Levels and not grinding Combat and Slayer from Scratch.

Before you start slaying as a beginner, Probemas recommends that you should have at least 40 Combat. A Black mask and a Cannon will really speed up your Slayer tasks

Unlike all the other skills that one can train in Old School Runescape, Slayer does not operate in a way where the higher the level, the better the experience.

Slayer’s experience per hour is built around these three following criteria:

  1. The Player’s Combat Levels and Unlocked Content (Ancient Magics, Dwarf Cannon, etc.)
  2. The Player’s Equipment available
  3. The Slayer Master used in conjunction with the Skips & Block Tasks applied

Additionally, one will also need to consider that the faster you travel around Old School Runescape, meaning the faster you reach your desired slayer task location and Slayer Master, the better your experience per hour will get.

Check out our OSRS Agility Guide on how you can improve this useful OSRS skill.

Looting also factors into experience per hour, as some slayer monsters assigned will not only drop items that can be alched to not take up your inventory space, but some item’s values should not be alched and will thus require additional banking trips, that will end up costing time, thus dropping your experience per hour rate significantly.

Probemas’ Words of Advice: Want to upgrade your equipment? Perhaps a Ghrazi Rapier to make your combat way faster? Head to our OSRS Items Shop, place your order, and we will send it to you ASAP.

Fastest Way To Level 99 Slayer

So technically speaking, there is no “real” 1-99 Slayer that one has to follow to get it done faster, but there are certain things that can be done to boost your experience per hour, thus resulting in a faster level 1 to 99 accomplishment, and that is what we’ll be discussing in this section.


The fastest possible experience for Slayer can be done through Bursting and extending these burstable Slayer tasks by using a Bracelet of Slaughter to make the best XP tasks extremely long.

Combining that with an Expeditious Bracelet and a cannon on tasks that do not have great XP rates, and then skipping the absolute slowest tasks, regardless of how profitable they are, is the best way to get Slayer XP.

Keep in mind that Duradel also gives you the longest Slayer tasks in the game, thus technically making him the best master to use for the fastest Slayer experience. What this means is that until you achieve level 50 Slayer (to unlock Duradel) do not expect to get crazy experience per hour, but once you do get that level 50 Slayer, make sure to switch over to Duradel if fast Slayer experience is what you are after.

What if I’m not after fast experience but am after potentially doubling my bank?

OSRS Slayer Money Making Guide


Before we begin, we would like you to know that making money from slayer and getting fast experience DO NOT go together. What this means is that to make the best profit out of slayer, there are a few rules to follow:

  1. NO Bursting.
  2. DO NOT use the Dwarf Multi Cannon.
  3. SKIPPING non-profit tasks is important.
  4. Always do your Clue Scrolls.
  5. Bossing Tasks are always a priority.

The best Slayer Masters for money are Konar, Nieve, and Duradel, and more skilled players can make a lot of money from the Wilderness Slayer Master.

Slayer tasks from Konar have a chance of dropping Brimstone Keys, which are used to open the chest near Konar. Inside the chest, you can get up to and over 500,000 OSRS GP in loot.

also recommends that you focus on completing the following quests as they unlock some very big money-making tasks:

  • Cabin Fever –> Unlocks Jungle Horrors (Black Masks)
  • Monkey Madness 2 –> Unlocks Demonic Gorillas that can be killed as a variant of Black Demons (Zenyte Jewellery)
  • Dragon Slayer 2 –> Unlocks Rune Dragons

Best Slayer Tasks For Making OSRS Gold

Tasks that make bank are things like Brutal Black Dragons instead of Black Dragons, doing Kurasks, Green Dragons, Ice Trolls, Aberrant Spectres, Wyverns, Gargoyles, and all of the high-level Slayer monsters.

You should do Boss Tasks, which are unlockable at Slayer Masters, and you should try to go out of your way to do harder variants. There are quite a lot of bosses that you can do on a standard Slayer Task.


Final Thoughts

Slayer is a very interesting skill that not only can attract players due to the ability to make serious amounts of OSRS gold, but it also enables the player to learn more about the game, become better at certain mechanics such as prayer-flicking / stalling while also passively training Combat in a fun, constantly changing environment.

One has to also accept the fact that Slayer can also be very long because some tasks take longer to finish. That is why we recommend that Slayer should be looked at as a long-term goal rather than being focused like one would do with other skills such as Crafting, Cooking, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Slayer although it is known for being a good money maker, requires a decent amount of gold to allow you to make use of the best methods and equipment when dealing with high-leveled monsters, especially boss tasks – so make sure you have plenty of gold which you can easily do by heading to the

If you ever find yourself too exhausted to continue, or need some assistance with a tedious task that you do not want to be skipped, you can always reach out to one of PROBEMAS’ Elite Boosters by

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article – till next time!

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