OSRS 1-99 Prayer Guide

OSRS 1-99 Prayer Guide

Prayer Training in OSRS

This is a complete guide to help you achieve level 99 Prayer as quickly and efficiently as possible in old school runescape. Prayer is a buyable skill, which allows for super fast training methods. In excess of up to 1 million experience per hour with some methods. However, usually at a cost of a lot of gold, to pay for the bones/materials used.



Offering bones to the Altar

Prayer is a fairly simple skill to train, offering little variety in general. By far the most popular method for training prayer is using Altars. There are two main Altars people use; Gilded Altar and the Chaos Temple Altar. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gilded Altar

The fastest way to train Prayer is by offering bones to the gilded altar. As the altar provides 350% experience per bone. These altars can be built in a player-owned house. If you do not own one yourself it is possible to use another players. You can often find people hosting house partys at World 330, Rimmington house portal.

With good banking players can generally offer around 2,550 bones per hour. If using the highest tier of bone (superior dragon bones) players can receive up to 1,350,000 experience per hour in Prayer.

Chaos Temple Altar

Offering bones to the altar in the Chaos Temple is a far cheaper alternative. As the temple grants the same 350% bonus experience per bone. However, there is also a 50% chance for the bone to not be consumed. Making the cost of each bone effectively being halved.

Although, experience rates do suffer slightly as the Temple is located at level 38 wilderness. Making it susceptible to PvP attacks. Additionally, players can bring noted bones and un-note them with the elder chaos druid outside the temple. But, due to its PvP environment this is only recommended to do in low quantities to avoid losing bones on death. Meaning extensive banking can slightly reduce exp rates.

Prayer Experience rates with Bones



Ensouled Heads for Prayer Exp

This method is usually used among those who wish to save money over traditional prayer training methods,. But, do not wish to go to the wilderness.

Reanimating ensouled heads can only be done near the Dark Altar in Arceuus. 60% favour is also a requirement and players are recommended to have unlocked the fairy ring C-I-S for fast access to the area.

Experience rates are often significantly lower than offering bones to gilded/chaos altars. However, the method is cheap and requires minimal amounts of effort. Players can still gain up to 350,000 experience per hour with dragon heads.

Ensouled heads exp per hour and cost