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Top 7 OSRS Money Making Methods For Low-Level F2P Players

Top 7 OSRS Money Making Methods For Low-Level F2P Players As a new player in Runescape, RuneScape gold is hard to come by for questing, skilling, and buying gear.

Not to worry, as there are methods to earn some quick starter gold and to fund your account quickly!

Here on you receive the most in-depth knowledge and guides on how to make your RuneScape Fortune!


Looting on a F2P account for some quick cash is fashionable but a contested method. OSRS looting

It requires no startup levels or RuneScape gold as you can hop right onto world 308, run to the town of Edgeville right next to the grand exchange, and start even if you are fresh off of tutorial island!

All that needs doing is looking for people who are fighting and waiting for one to die.

Next, stand on the tile they died on and pick up all of the loot left behind by their killer.

You can do this method as often as you like to grab some easy cash on a new account!

Tip: In the Wilderness, another player may kill you for your hard-earned loot, so make sure to bring some food or bank often!

Tanning Cowhides

No levels are required to tan cowhides, just enough OSRS gold to buy the hides in the first place and to pay the tanner to make soft or hard hides.

OSRS F2P money making method To start, players need some cowhides in their inventory or bank. They can then run through the gate to the Al Kharid hide tanner west of Lumbridge and pay him a few RSGP to turn your hide into a soft or hard tanned cowhide.

When choosing which cowhide to make, check the Grand Exchange to find which item is more expensive, and make that item.

If you have multiple inventories of hides to tan, you can run to the bank south of the hide tanner for faster trips.

Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security is a quick way to obtain a one time reward of 10,000 free gold, four cool emotes, and some stylish new boots as you pass through its four horsemen of the apocalypse themed dungeons.

To start player must add an authenticator to his or her account to reap the rewards of the Stronghold.

Next, they must travel to the Barbarian Village west of Varrock. Then the player must enter the dungeon at the center of the village. Barbarian Village

As the levels of the dungeon descending, the player must answer questions about account security while avoiding dangerous monsters.

At the center of each level is a chest to receive your reward for the level and a ladder to access the next floor.

Once you have reached the last level of the Stronghold, you can use your home teleport to Lumbridge or return the way you came with the ladder near the chest.

Tip: Play it safe and bring lots of food if you have a low hitpoint level here due to many of the monsters can cause you severe damage!

Telekinetically grabbing wines of Zamorak

There is a Magic requirement of level 33 magic and an optional requirement of 500 total levels to access the best RuneScape gold per hour for this method.

This method, if done correctly, can net players up to 300,000 Gp per hour!

In the Asgarnia Chaos Temple, north of Falador, there is a spawn of the wine of Zamorak.

If a player tries to grab this wine, usually all they do is take damage. But this wine can be telekinetically grabbed. Make sure to bring law runes and staff of air to cast the spell, and if you are under 500 total levels, some food as well because the monks will start to attack you!

After you have collected a full inventory of wines, run or teleport back to the Falador bank to deposit your spoils. When ready, players can then sell the wines on the Grand Exchange.

This method sometimes is overcrowded with bots and other players, but with a quick reaction, it is possible to gain large amounts of RuneScape gold here quickly.

Creating Sapphire rings

To create Sapphire rings, a crafting level of 20 and a small amount of Gp to buy the cut sapphires, gold bars, and ring mold is needed.

The best way to create these rings in F2P is to run between the Edgeville bank and the furnace directly to the east.

The player must bring the ring mold 13 gold bars, and 13 cut sapphires with them, then click on the furnace and later on the sapphire ring option on the furnace interface.

Players can then bank their reward and sell the rings on the Grand Exchange when needed.

Making Pizzas

RuneScape PizzaTo make pizzas a cooking level of 35 is required, but as cooking is a fast skill in RuneScape to level up, this is not a very hard level to obtain at all.

First, add a bucket, bowl, or jug of water to a pot of flour to make a pizza base, next add a tomato to make an incomplete pizza.

The final ingredient is cheese, which you add to the incomplete pizza and then cook on a fire or range to make the final product, a plain pizza.

All of the components of the pizza can be bought on the Grand Exchange and resold back to the grand exchange when done, making for a fast and easy way to make some starting cash.

After doing this method, you are going to accumulate some more wealth and cooking levels. At level 55 of cooking, players can create Anchovy pizzas by adding anchovies to plain pizzas, which will make even more Gp per hour than creating plain pizzas!

Casting High Alchemy

A Magic requirement of level 55 is needed as well as some starting cash to buy alchable items and nature runes. Casting the high spell Alchemy on items from the Grand Exchange is a way to quickly make some quick cash, especially if you use the website

To use Alchmate untick the box for member items and then find whatever the highest difference items are to Alch!

Tip: Use a staff of fire for unlimited fire runes!

Best OSRS Money Making Methods For Low-Level Members

Best OSRS Money Making Methods For Low-Level Members Even as a member player in Runescape, OSRS gold is hard to come by for questing, skilling, and buying gear.

Not to worry, as there are methods to earn some quick gold and to fund your account quickly!

you receive the most in-depth knowledge and guides on how to make your RuneScape Fortune!

Looting the Revenant Caves

Looting is always an easy way to pick up some cash in RuneScape, and as the Revenant caves are a hotspot for PvM and PvP, a lot of loot lays around on the floor free for the taking.

For the best RSGP profit per hour, kill some monsters in the wilderness for a looting bag and bring some food just in case if you get attacked.

Teleport via the Burning amulet to the lava maze and run east till you reach the cave.

Then run to the Revenant area where lots of high-value drops can get left behind by PK’ers and PvM‘ers, so grab your supplies and get to looting!

Tanning Red, Green, Blue, or Black Dragonhide

Tanning Dragonhides is a secure method anybody can achieve with a bit of starting money. The player can check what the best Hide is to buy and tan at the moment using a Buy/Sell test.

Make sure you have a small amount of Gp leftover to Tan the hides and head to Al-Kharhid. Use the southern bank to grab your Dragonhides and run to the hide tanner in the northern part of the city.

Have him tan your Hides and run back to the bank to deposit them and grab a new stack of untanned hides to repeat the process.

Tanning any of these hides can make you up to 500k RSGP per hour or more if done correctly!

Picking Mort Myre Fungus

The Nature spirit quest is required to complete this method as well as a substantial defense level, HP level, prayer level, the hard Morytania diary, and completion of the quest Fairytale II are recommended.

To start this method, you must teleport via the fairy rings teleport BKR or a Salve graveyard teleport with your blessed silver sickle, a prayer potion, and a ring of dueling.

Run and find a spot with three rotting logs around each other, stand in the middle of the logs, right-click your blessed silver sickle, and cast the bloom spell.

Then pick each of these logs and go back to the center of the three logs. Repeat casting the spell and picking the logs using the prayer potion when you run out of prayer until a full inventory of mort Myre fungus is collected.

Next, teleport to clan wars using the dueling ring and bank your fungus.

And finally, enter and exit the free for all portal to restore your stats and repeat the method.

At max efficiency, this method has the potential to earn up to a million OldSchool RuneScape gold per hour!

Daily Money Makers

Daily money makers are a way to log into your Runescape account for a few minutes and a few times per day to earn some quick cash as the activities are on cooldowns.

Each of these methods can have very different required stats, but the lowest ones are accessible to just about every player!

Herb Runs

A high farming level is the best for this method, but only level 9 farming is necessary. Planting herbs at each patch available to the player will allow for the best profit per run.

Aventoe is usually the most profitable, but toadflax is a good alternative if the player does not have the level 50 farming required.

Make sure to use ultra compost, which decreases the chance of death for the plant, and magic secateurs, which increase yields of the herb.

If done about every 90 minutes, a large number of herbs can be built up quickly for easy sale on the Grand Exchange for immense profits!

Cactus Runs

55 farming is required to plant cactus in which the player travels to each of the cactus spots in Al Kharid and the Farming Guild and picks the spines then replant the cactus every 9 hours for the extra farming experience.

The Cactus spines can later sell on the grand exchange for about 1,800 Gp Each!

Daily Herb Boxes from a Nightmare zone

If you have enough Points at the nightmare zone, you can spend 9,500 on a herb box for up to 10 boxes per day.

The calculated average RuneScape gold pieces (Gp) per box is about 12,900 Gp per box (as of April 2020).

This method allows the player to receive about 129,000 Gp per day worth of items to sell on the Grand Exchange for about 3 minutes’ work!

Tip: If you find yourself running out of points, Nightmare Zone can be easily AFKed while doing other activities!

Daily Battlestaves from Zaff’s Superior Staffs

If you have at least the easy Varrock diary completed, you can buy a few discounted Battlestaves per day from Zaff’s Superior Staffs in Varrock.

For every level increase in the diary, the number of staves available to buy doubles up to 120 staves per day!

With an average profit of 1,200 Gp per stave, if sold on the Grand Exchange, it can earn you Millions over a short amount of time!

Fossil Island Birdhouse Runs

For this method, fossil island must be unlocked, and the fossil island teleport is also very helpful.

The player should use the highest level birdhouse available to them for the best seed and nest rewards.

They can then go to the four birdhouse spots around the map using the mycelium transport system for the quickest travel and place each birdhouse then fill it up with hops seeds to attract birds.

The seeds and birds nests acquired can all be sold on the Grand Exchange for great profits!