Shades of Mortโ€™ton โ€“New Collection Log Guide OSRS New 2023

Shades of Mortโ€™ton โ€“ Collection Log Guide OSRS

Shades of Mortโ€™ton


Completion of the Shades of Mortโ€™ton quest, 95 firemaking. Completion of the Elite tier of the Morytania Achievement diary is recommended.

There are 14 collection log slots of the Shades of Mortโ€™ton tab. In order to complete this log, you must cremate various remains in Mortโ€™ton and obtain keys, using these keys on various chests within the catacombs until youโ€™ve acquired each item. If you are a main account, you can buy a gold lock on the grand exchange, and talk to Dampe, who will make a Gold Coffin for you. Having a Gold Coffin will allow you to hold up to 28 shades remains in one inventory slot. If you are an iron you will need to obtain these locks yourself.

In order to cremate shade remains, use your pyre logs on the funeral pyre. Place the shade remains on top. Click the pyre to light it. This image shows you how to lay out your inventory:

Shades remains can be tick manipulated to significantly increase the speed of cremation. An excellent guide detailing this by qhp is found here:

There is no significant case to be made for immediately using your keys in the catacombs or banking the keys and taking a larger number of them to the catacombs โ€“ the time difference is insubstantial.

You should start completing this log by obtaining the different locks. The Bronze lock is obtained from opening Bronze chests at an approximate rate of 1/60, the Steel lock is obtained from opening Steel chests at an approximate rate of 1/60, the Black lock is obtained from opening Black chests at an approximate rate of 1/60, the Silver lock is obtained from opening Silver chests at an approximate rate of 1/60 and the Gold lock is obtained from opening Gold chests and an approximate rate of 1/60.

Burn Phrin remains for Bronze keys and Steel keys, Riyl remains for Steel and Black keys, Asyn remains for Black and Silver keys, Fiyr remains for Silver and Gold keys and Urium remains for Gold keys. You can burn all of these on redwood pyre logs, but may use a lesser tier of log if you cannot afford redwoods, or if you donโ€™t care about the prayer and firemaking xp.

The amulet of the damned, Flamtaer bag, fine cloth, tree wizardsโ€™ journal and bloody notes drop from all chests. Zealots outfit pieces all only drop from Gold chests.

NB: tick manipulating cremation urium remains and opening the keys is currently the quickest way to obtain elite clues after opening dragon impling jars.

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