2023 A Complete Last Man Standing โ€“ Collection Log Guide OSRS

Last Man Standing โ€“ Collection Log Guide OSRS

Last Man Standing


In order to play LMS you must have 750 total level and 30 quest points OR 1500 level. In order to access the shop you must have 48 hours played on your account

There are 32 collection log slots in the Last Man Standing (LMS) Tab. 26 of these are items/permanent unlocks that can be purchased with points obtained by playing LMS. A total of 4130 points and 1000 wins are required to complete the collection log. However, 9 of these items are refundable for 80% of the initial cost, meaning that 1546 points are required if you arenโ€™t interested in keeping any of the items and just want the log slots.

That said, 1000 wins guarantees 5000 LMS points, so if you are going for the 1000 wins cape there is no need to sell items back.

Becoming proficient and LMS is a matter of understanding the basics, and practising over and over and over again. If youโ€™ve never PKโ€™d before you will spend hours getting destroyed before you get any wins, but throwing your self in over and over again is the only way to learn.

Big Slick has put together an excellent spreadsheet, walking you through the uses (or lack there of) or each piece of gear you may obtain within LMS:


A good introductory guide by Gooddaycows can be found here: https://youtu.be/jfqQ-72uBe8

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