2023 A Complete OSRS Fishing Trawler Minigame Guilde

Fishing Trawler – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Fishing Trawler


Level 15 fishing is required to receive anglers pieces.

There are 4 collection log slots in the Fishing Trawler tab. In order to obtain these slots, you complete rounds of fishing trawler and gain 50 contribution points during the five minute trip. The chance to obtain a piece does not increase if you have higher contribution. The official worlds for fishing trawler are 315 and 370.

The simplest way to obtain 50 contribution points is to bring an axe, and when the game starts immediately head upstairs and to the back of the boat. Chop the enormous tentacle when it appears. Doing this 5 times will give you the 50 contribution points necessary, leaving you with around 3 minutes to afk. Each trip gives you a 1/12 chance of obtaining an Angler piece.

You will get only one of each piece and do not need to worry about duplicate items, unless you have already obtained a full set and upgraded it to the spirit anglers item, in which case you are able to obtain a whole new standard anglers outfit again.

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