OSRS 1-99 Fishing Guide

OSRS 1-99 Fishing Guide

Fishing in OSRS

Fishing can be both AFK and click intensive with the options available to players. For this Oldschool RS guide, we’ll be taking you through the fastest and most efficient ways to train the skill to 99. In Addition to a range of alternative methods that may suit you better.



Fastest Fishing Experience

Levels 1-33: Questing

Quest rewards is the most efficient way to skip early fishing levels in osrs. Completing Fishing Contest, Sea Slug and the Pirate Pete sub-quest from Recipe for Disaster will reward you with 10,612 fishing experience. All of which can be done at a very low level with minimal requirements, taking you to level 27.

Players can then chose to complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and The Fremennik Trials. These have slightly higher requirements but still provide a good and efficient option for reaching level 33 upon their completion.

Levels 33-58: Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for trout and salmon provides the fastest fishing experience up until level 58. Requiring a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch the fish.

In order to actually achieve the highest amount of hourly experience, players will also need to make use of tick manipulation tactics. The method is on a 3-tick cycle, therefore, you will also need a herb and tar or knife and teak/mahogany logs. The method is simple: catch fish, start 3-tick cycle, drop fish and click fishing spot.

It is never worth it to bank the fish, they are extremely low value and significantly slow down experience rates. With tick manipulation experience rates can reach up to 65,000 per hour at level 58, so the levels should go relatively fast. You can see a larger break down of exp rates in the table above.



Level 58-99: Barbarian Fishing

3-tick Barbarian Fishing is the fastest fishing method from level 58. Players must complete a portion of Barbarian Training to use this method. Whilst also having 30 Agility/Strength to catch leaping salmon, and 45 Agility/Strength to catch leaping sturgeon.

The method also provides a very small amount of additional strength and agility experience. Making it efficient to train fishing to 99 on low level beginner accounts. However, for those who do not care about the agility/strength exp, you are advised to switch to 2-tick tune and swordfish at level 71.

Again, in order to achieve the best experience rates players will need to make use of 3-tick fishing techniques. Below you can find a chart of the experience rates per hour.

Barbarian Fishing Experience Rates

Levels 71-99: 2-tick Tuna & Swordfish

2-tick harpoon fishing for Tuna and Swordfish offers the fastest fishing experience in OSRS. Players can expect rates of up to 135,000 per hour at level 99 using a crystal harpoon. While starting experience is around 87,000 per hour at level 71, progressing to 115,000 at level 85.

To make this method worthwhile, tick manipulation must be used. The method is a little more complex, but once it is setup it is very easy to proceed.

First you must go to the north-western part of Piscarilius, west of the ban. You must then be attacked by two rats, and they must be attacking you two ticks apart from each other. Once this is setup you just need to click on the fishing spot every time a hitsplat appears on your character.



Alternative OSRS fishing methods

Levels 35-99: Tempoross

If you’re not interested in tick manipulation methods then Tempoross has the fastest experience in the game without using tick manipulation.

The higher quality harpoon will result in increased experience rates. Also, not cooking harpoonfish during the minigame will result in the fastest experience rates. However, you will in turn get a lower amount of points/loot.

Tempoross Exp Rates per Hour

Levels 65-99: Karambwan

Low effort is generally one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding to fish Karambwans. With experience rates at around only 30,000 fishing exp per hour. The completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is also required to fishing Karambwans.

To fish Karambwans you will need a Karambwan Vessel and raw Karambwanji. The raw Karambwanji can be caught near the fairy ring C-K-R, using a small fishing net. Alternatively, you can buy them for 10gp each from Tiadeche, he stocks 50 per world.

The karambwan fishing spots are located by the fairy ring, D-K-P. Making it very easy to travel to and from the bank if the player has quick access to fairy rings, either through the Player-owned house or a quest point cape teleport. Having completed the Lumbridge diary in full will be advantageous as it allows you to equip a dragon harpoon instead of a Dramen Staff.

The fishing Barrel, a reward from Tempoross is also advantagous here, as it allows the player to catch double the amount of fish in a single trip, essentially doubling the time spent “AFK”.



Levels 82-99: Minnows

Minnows provide relatively low hourly fishing experience. However, they can provide some decent afk profit, as Minnows are exchanged for noted raw sharks. This also makes it a good alternative for Ironmen in need of a food source.

The full anglers outfit is required for access to the Minnow’s fishing platform. Rada’s Blessing is also recommended as it increases minnows by 2% for each tier of diary completed.

Minnows – Fishing Exp per Hour