OSRS 1-99 Cooking Guide

OSRS 1-99 Cooking Guide

Cooking in OSRS

Cooking is another one of OSRS‘s fastest and easiest skills to train. Due to this it has become one of Oldschool’s most popular 99s, and many people set it as a goal to be their first 99. This guide will focus on the fastest most efficient methods, but also provide some alternatives in terms of afking and profit.



Fastest OSRS Cooking Experience

Below you can see the fastest way to get 99 cooking in OSRS.

Levels 1-30: Poison Karambwan

1-tick cooking raw Karambwan into poison Karambwan is the fastest experience from levels 1 to 30.

To 1-tick cook them, simply hold down “1” and use the raw karambwan’s on a range or fire. 168 poison Karambwans are required to reach level 30, this method must be used with the tick manipulation techniques in order to be the fastest, otherwise cooking fish will provide a better alternative.

Level 30-99: Cooked Karambwan

The fastest cooking experience in OSRS is 1-tick cooking Karambwans.

At maximum efficiency around 5k Karambwans can be cooked for close to 1 million experience per hour. This assumes you are using instant banking at Mor Ui Rek or the Myths Guild. Without using tick manipulation the experience rates are around 4 times slower at 285,000 experience per hour.

1-tick Karambwan Cooking

Alternative Cooking Methods in OSRS

Not everyone wants to use tick manipulation techniques for skilling. Understandably as it is very click intense and requires constant attention to the screen. Below is a list of strong alternative training methods.



Level 1-99: Cooking Fish

For those not looking for the fastest experience rates, and might not be interested in the click intensity that tick manipulation techniques create, cooking fish provides a solid alternative.

Experience is not gained when burning fish. Therefore, to get the best possible rates it is recommended to complete the Family Crest quest and use cooking gauntlets. When worn they reduce the burn rate for higher tier fish such as; Angerfish, Monkfish, Swordfish, Shark and Lobsters.

Additionally, having 100% favour in Hosidius is beneficial. As using the range in Hosidius Kitchen provides a 5% increased chance of successfully cooking food over their range. In the Hosidius Kitchen players can cook up to around 1365 fish per hour. The experience rates for fish are shown below.

OSRS Cooking Exp Rates (Per Hour)

Level 35/68-99: Jugs of Wine

This is a buyable method of training cooking and will cost you money. However, it offers relatively fast experience, the fastest exp per hour without tick manipulation. Players can expect experience rates of around 470,000 to 490,000 per hour.

Jugs of Wine can be produced by adding grapes to jugs of water to make unfermented wines. After 12 seconds they will ferment into wines and grant you the relevant amount of experience. However, the 12-second timer resets each time a new jug of unfermented wine is made, whether it is in the bank or not. Meaning you can ferment large amounts of wine in the bank at once, resulting in a huge amount of experience being granted at one time.

At level 68 onwards players will no longer have a chance to make a jug of bad wine. This is the equivalent to burning food, if you make a bad jug, no experience is granted.



Cooking Locations in OSRS

Cooking a full inventory of fish takes 67.2 seconds, without tick manipulation. This is a constant fix number, so banking time is the only other thing to consider when trying to increase experience rates. Below is a list of good OSRS cooking locations.

Myths’ Guild

Requires completion of Dragon Slayer II to enter. Instant banking when cooking as the stove and bank are 0 tiles distance from each other. Also beneficial as you are using a stove so there is lower chance of burning as opposed to a fire.

Mor Ul Rek

Requires a fire cape to enter the area. There is a sulphur vent located directly opposite a bank chest, allowing for instant banking too. However, only fish or meat may be cooked here.

Rouges’ Den

Easy to access via a games necklace teleport to Burnthorpe, then go below the Pub’s cellar. The only other place with access to instant banking. However, it only has a fire so does not have the same benefits the range in Myths’ Guild provides.



Hosidius Kitchen

Requires 100% Hosidius favour to use. Is 6 tiles travel distance to the closest bank. However, there is benefits from a 5% reduced chance to burn your food. This can scale to 10% with completion of elite Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Wintertodt Camp

Super easy to access and only 8 tiles from the nearest bank there is an everlasting fire.

Lumbridge Castle

Good for early-game training as it is probably the most accessible range in OSRS. Reduced burn rates is beneficial, however there is a 22 tile travel distance to the nearest bank. Making it bad for training at higher levels when access to better locations become available.