🔰Alora RSPS Server Review 2023

🔰Alora Review🔰

Alora was released in November 2016 by Omicron and is now in its fifth year as a RSPS. During the years of its existence Alora has steadily climbed the ranks of Runescape Private Servers and is now known to be amongst one of the largest and most stable available on the market. With lots of content to offer and many active players; Alora seeks to entertain those who are seeking for a real adventure!

Notable Features

Apart from being the only server with SD/HD and 2007/2010 themed-graphics, Alora offers a lot of OSRS content such as Chambers of Xerics, Tithe Farm, Tears of Guthix, Pyramid Plunder, the Nightmare and Theatre of Blood. On top of that, they also have multiple modes to cater all players. Apart from the casual Iron Man Modes, players can also choose to play in Classic, Realism and Elite Ironman Mode for slower experience rates or in Group Ironman Mode. With that said there is a lot of content to cover.

Player vs Monster (PvM)    

We kick it off with PvM, which receives an outstanding solid five stars. Alora has a reputation for quickly adapting to Oldschool Runescape’s latest additions. This means players that play Alora will find themselves fighting new OSRS content on the same week or shortly after Oldschool Runescape has done a release. Currently, Alora is home to 25 bosses, ranging from the infamous God Wars Dungeon all the way to the latest boss: The Nightmare. This is excluding activities like Wintertodt, the Gauntlet, Inferno, and others. All of their bosses have mechanics identical to OSRS, so you will find no problems with adapting your existing skills to the challenges that Alora has to offer

↑ Image 1: The Nightmare of Ashihama, one of the many OSRS Bosses that Alora has to offer.

Quickly Adds New Bosses None
Bosses Are Identical to OSRS
Large amount of Bosses


When playing Alora, you will find that ít offers a large variety of skilling methods. You can do pretty much anything. Mine falling stars, catch all salamanders, create mahogany homes or mine dense essence rocks. Out of all the RSPS, Alora has the most features when it comes to skilling. On top of that, they also offer skilling minigames such as e.g. Pyramid Plunder, Tithe Farm, Tears of Guthix, amongst many others. Yes, they have Wintertodt, Zalacano and Puro Puro. If you love skilling, you surely will find your place at Alora.

↑ Image 2: Alora has the new OSRS contruction minigame, Mahogany Homes.

↑ Image 3: Fully working Miscellania Management.

All OSRS Skills None
Unique skilling minigames
Insane Variety in Each Skill
Skilling Methods are Identical to OSRS

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)  

Alora possesses a flawless PvP combat system and content that draws players into Wilderness, such as Revenants, Crystal Dragons, Wilderness Bosses and more. While it does cater to PvP players, they will still have to level up and acquire gear as this is primarily an economy server.

↑ Image 4: Ferox Enclave is the restored remains of a small town in the middle of the Wilderness.

Wilderness Activity Have to level and get gear
PvP Events


Alora offers a lot of minigames. Seriously, a whole whooping lot. With 21 minigames, you won’t find enough time to play through them all. The only problem is that there could be some issues finding groups for larger minigames, as some are less popular than others. However, the majority of them are solo or typically have events on them so there shouldn’t be too many issues. We highly recommend that you try out Pyramid Plunder and Tithe Farm, as there is no other RSPS that has those minigames fully functional.

↑ Image 5: Alora even has Tith Farm as one of their 20+ minigames.

Tons of Minigames (20+) None
Identical to OSRS

Player activity     

While Alora was previously found holding over a thousand players, it has dwindled down by a bit. During their peak they hold around 500-600 hundred players, outside of that there are usually 250-350 players online. While that amount certainly isn’t a small one, you may find it hard to find a group of players to participate with when playing certain minigames or want to participate in some special activity..

↑ Image 6: Alora is an active server with many players. Always around 250+ online!

Large amount of players Decreased over the last year
Dedicated staff team

Other content     

As with everything else, Alora also exceeds in misc content. They offer quests such as Dragon Slayer 2 for players to take on if they are ready to battle mighty foes. If not, no worries! Alora also has several fun activities for the more casual player, who can take on twisted leagues, clue scrolls or even enjoy some competitive fun with fellow group ironmen.

Quests and Achievements None
Weekly events such as League

Conclusion    (4.7 on average)

If you are looking for a stable server with too much content for your mind, Alora might be the perfect RSPS for you. They offer identical content to Oldschool Runescape and quickly adapt to whatever is the latest trend. On top of that they also offer multiple challenges, ranging from bosses to minigames to adventures such as clue scrolls, quests and more. You will find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of entertainment to be found at Alora.

Website: https://www.alora.io/