OSRS 1-99 Agility Guide

OSRS 1-99 Agility Guide

Agility in OSRS

Agility is an important skill to level up for any strong runescape account. It is particularly important for low level ironmen as a way to get stamina pots for questing as early as possible. Additionally, run energy will last for longer at higher levels and shortcuts can be unlocked around the osrs map. It is also important in the tightrope room at cox or for access to kill the Sara boss.



Early Levels: Passive Experience

In terms of efficiency you can skip many of the low levels of Agility without ever having to train the skill directly, it is possible to reach up to 74 Agility while questing or training other skills.

Questing: Levels 1 – 33

Completing Recruitment Drive, The Depths of Despair, The Grand Tree and The Tourist Trap will reward you with a total of 19,700 agility experience. Boosting you to level 33, all of these quests have relatively low requirements.

Barbarian Fishing: Levels 33 – 74

When training the fishing skill with Barbarian Fishing, players will receive a small amount of passive agility and strength experience.

If a player was to go all the way from 58 to 99 fishing using this method they would also reach 74 agility with the passive experience it provides. Making this a very efficient way to train both at once.

Fastest OSRS Agility Methods

Below is a list of the best agility courses by level. However, it is recommended to use summer pies or agility potions to boost your agility level and unlock higher-level courses earlier.

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course: Levels 1 – 10

86.5 experience is granted per lap and you can achieve experience rates of around 8,000 per hour from levels 1 – 10 at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.

Draynor Village Rooftop Course: Levels 10 – 20

The Draynor Rooftop course offers 9,000 exp per hour and also has the added benefit of being the first course to provide marks of grace. These can be exchanged for rewards including the graceful set.

Al Kharid Rooftop Course: Levels 20 – 25

The Al Kharid Rooftop course offers around 9.5k exp per hour when using stamina potions to maintain your run energy.

Werewolf Skullball: Levels 25-48

To use this method players must have completed Creature of Fenkenstrain and wear the ring of charos to access this area. Exp rates are around 18k per hour with each game taking 2 minutes 30 seconds.

For those who wish to continue with rooftop’s, Varrock course can be used from level 30 but will offer a lower experience rate of around 13.2k per hour.

Canifis Rooftop Course: 40/48 – 52

At higher levels Canifis can offer similar experience to the Werewolf course of around 18k per hour, however, Canifis also offers marks of grace. It is also less click intensive.

Hallowed Sepulchre: Levels 52 – 99

The Hallowed Sepulchre provides the fastest experience rates in the game for Agility. The method is very intense and requires concentration and timing through-out. However, many players believe it to be much more enjoyable and interactive than traditional training methods.

To access the Sepulchre players must have completed Sins of the Father. Experience rates are shown below.

Hallowed Sepulchre Experience Rates