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MMOexp Madden 24: reliable extension of their offense

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With just a few days before the big game, McPherson finds himself with unprecedented hype MUT 24 Coins. At DraftKings he ranks fifth in betting to win Super Bowl MVP. Just digest that for a second. A kicker is getting people to put their money on the line — and damn if McPherson isn’t worth it.

No team should have to rely on their kicker. It’s a sign an offense isn’t able to finish drives. But with the Bengals, McPherson has become a reliable extension of their offense, ensuring the team comes away with points, even if the offensive line collapses and Burrow isn’t able to make the big play.

With the aforementioned, elite Matt Gay in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder the Bengals and Rams are dead-even in points scored per game, and field goals attempted per game. They are really two sides of the same coin.

The real rub when it comes to McPherson is how quickly he’s become one of the most clutch players in the Madden NFL 24, regardless of position. Cincinnati’s spotty defense has forced the team to squeak through by the skin of their teeth in the playoffs, and McPherson has been automatic when it mattered most.

These include the game-winning kick as time expired to beat the Titans, and the overtime game winner in the AFC Championship. This is unprecedented. No rookie kicker has been more consistent, and no kicker in Madden NFL 24 history has made more kicks from 50+ yards in a season than Mc Pherson.

It’s fascinating to see a kicker become an extension of his whole team’s ethos. McPherson is young, but like Burrow and Chase, showing that big moments aren’t too much for him. This is a kicker who relishes having the game on hang on his boot, and has proven to be uMadden NFL 24 appable.

Matthew Stafford shouldered the weight of one of the most hopeless franchises in the Madden NFL 24 for the first 12 years of his pro career. Stafford was drafted by the Detroit Lions with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 Madden NFL 24 Draft when the organization was at its absolute lowest cheap MUT 24 Coins. The Lions had just finished an 0-16 season to “earn” the rights to the top pick, and suddenly it was Stafford’s job turn everything around.

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