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LoL Resources, terms, jargon

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Champion Guides

General gameplay guides:

LoLPro - ( - select "Gameplay" from "General filters"

Solomid - (***********?champ=generic)

Spellsy's S3 complete support guide - (

Champion/Item Information/Statistics:

VVinrar's Item Efficiency Spreadsheet - (

Championselect - (

LoL Counter - (

Champion Counter - (

LoLKing - (

ELO/Game/Player Statistics:

Elophant - (


ELO Log - (

LoLTeam - (

League of Stats - (

LolMatches - (

LoLKing - (

Quick Find - (

LoLNexus - (

OP.GG MMR Display - (

Summoning - (

Mobile Apps(Android)

Champions - (

MobaDroid League of Legends - (

LeagueDroid - (

Leaguepeadia LCS - (

LolBrain - (

LolChat - (

LolCalculator - (

Spellsy Support - (

Summoner Scout - (

Mobile Apps(iOS)

LoLConnect -(

LoLCalculator - (

Counter Picks - (

Tier List - (


TeamFind - (

League Ping Check -(

LoL Studio - (

Unofficial Appear Offline Mode - (

Teams of Legends - (

Chat w/ Friends Outside Game - (

[Enigma's Recommended Item Changer -(

LoL Recorder - (

League of Replays - (

Chrome Stream Browser - (

Chrome League Events Extension - (

Yaric (Yet Another Recommended Item Changer) -(

LoL Summoner Info - (

Boots3Pots (League Networking) - (

LoL Item Changer -(

Leaguecraft - (

LoL - Short for "League of Legends"

Back - b, *retreat ping* - Fall back/retreat

Care - Short for "Be careful", intended to warn players of oncoming enemies

Focus - *alert ping* placed on enemy - Instructs the team to concentrate on a specific enemy or turret/inhibitor

FF - Forfeit, accomplished by typing /ff in the chat

FF at 20 - You can only forfeit after 20 minutes of gameplay, when someone asks for FF at 20, it usually means the match is already clearly lost

Top, mid, bot - These describe the lanes on the map. Most are apparent, besides "bot", which is short for bottom lane

Gank - To seek out and destroy an enemy, usually with more than one ally approaching the enemies from behind

GG/BG - Short for "good game" or "bad game", spoken to both enemy and ally with /all command at the end of a match

Feed - Feeder, fed - A feeder intentionally or unintentionally allows an enemy to repeatedly kill them, giving the enemy a major boost in gold and experience. A fed player is one who's taken advantage of feeders and is exceptionally more powerful than the rest of the players

Ult - R - Your final skill you unlock at level 6, sometimes your most powerful move alone, but is usually more effective with a combo

Combo - Using your skills in a quick sequence that maximizes their effectiveness

Squishy - A champion that is easily slain, but they usually have a skill that allows them a quick escape (stun/root, teleporting, or invisibility). You should not prioritize high armor for these characters to compensate, it hinders more than helps

Tank - A champion with very high armor or magic resistance. They also usually have an ability or passive which allows them to receive intense punishment, and/or a taunt of some sort in order to peel attacking enemies

Tanky - A melee fighter champion who is also built with armor or magic resist.

Base - Basing, recall, heal - To return to base in order to heal and spend gold

BRB - Short for "be right back", commonly spoken to alert teammates around you when you're basing. Rarely used when you're temporarily leaving the game

Push - EARLY GAME: To do significant damage to a lane and the turrets. LATE GAME: To concentrate a better part of your team mates in one lane in order to push through to the enemy base

Jungle - The areas of the map between the lanes, also describes as a position for assassin champs to hide and wait to ambush enemies

Champions - champs - The characters you choose in the queue before the game starts

Summoners - The players who control the champs

Assassin - Ninja - Champs that specialize in sneak attacks, usually with a skill designed for invisibility/undetectability

Grass/Brush/Bush - Areas of tall grass that hides a champ from view from both enemies and minions. Entering grass will uncover the entire area to your view. When an enemy enters the same patch of grass, you will become visible to them, and they you. When attacking from the grass, you will be visible to enemies

Alert - Ping - Buttons located on your minimap used to alert your team when you when need help ("Alert ping", RED) or to retreat ("Retreat ping", YELLOW). Click the alert ping and aim it at an enemy or turret to request aid, or to tell your team mates to focus. A target will appear above their head after you've pinged them.

MIA - SS, miss, missing - Short for "missing in action", used to alert a team when a lane is missing a champ to defend it. It's commonly used when a champ wants to alert a team that the enemies are going to push an unprotected lane

gj/nj - Short for "good job" or "nice job"

OP - Short for "Over Powered", used to describe a champ who is more powerful in his skills/stats than most other champs, which are also often described as "cheap" champions

Smurf - Describes a new account made by players who've already maxed an alternate account

Inv - Short for "invite", this is usually a request made to a friend to send a game invite

Rotation - The rotation describes the free champs available for a week at a time

OOM/LOM - Short for "out of mana" or "low on mana"

CC - Short for "crowd control", referring to abilites that stun, fear, or silence enemies

Baron Nashor - Baron - The neutral minion located along the northern river in the middle of the map. The baron gives a crucial advantage to the team who slays it.

Baron Buff - The buff you receive from slaying the Baron Nashor, which consists of bonus AD, AP, 3%HP5, and 1%MP5

Dragon - Drake, Drag - The neutral minion located along the southern river in the middle of the map. The dragon grants the team who slays it approximately 300 gold.

Ward - An item you place on the map to reveal the surrounding area for 180 seconds

Zoning - Cutting enemies off from XP or gold by positioning yourself between them and the minions

Kiting - Evading/strafing enemy skillshots or attacks

Juke - Fooling a pursuing enemy, usually accomplished by entering a patch of grass and sprinting off in a unpredictable direction

Harass - Poke - Jabbing at your enemy with small bursts of non-lethal damage, forcing them to retreat, play defensively, or recall to heal

Bait - Deliberately appearing vulnerable to lure the enemy to the rest of your team

Buff - Describes an ability, consumable, or passive effect that enhances your stats temporarily

Report - A request made in-game for all users to report a wayward player after the match is over

Leave - To exit a match mid-game, often a reportable offense

QQ - Ragequit - Describes a player who whines excessively about a game or his/her team, and sometimes leaves rather than sucks it up long enough to finish the game

Escape - Describes when a player successfully outruns an pursuing enemy

KDA - Short for "Kills/Deaths/Assists", referring to the scores you got for the match

Creeps - Minions - Term given to the NPCs that fight for you team, as well as the NPCs champs summon

CS - Short for "creep score", referring to the amount of minions/creeps you've slain

Steal - Referring to when a player steals a buff, also refers to stealing kills from a teammate

Dodge - Leaving a game queue before the game starts. Doing so will result in lost ELO points if the game is ranked, and excessive dodging may result in action from the Tribunal

Tribunal - Riot's rule-keeping team. If you're reported for misconduct, you may receive punishment or a formal warning from the Tribunal

Q/W/E/R - The keyboard shortcuts to champ spells

1/2/3/4/5/6 - The keyboard shortcuts for using items such as potions, wards, etc., corrisponding with the position as they appear in your inventory

Last Hitting - A technique consisting of landing the killing hit on enemies or their minions to obtain gold

FOTM - Short for "Flavor of the Month", referring to a popular champion among the free rotation

KS - Short for "Kill Steal", refers to the event where one player delivers the killing shot on an enemy, stealing the bonus from another player

Team Fight - Confrontations where a majority of both teams engage with each other

Nuke - Using most/all of your champion spells in quick succession, dealing a massive amount of damage. This technique is more effective after level 6, and when your target is rooted or stunned

Smart casting - A feature where you can eliminate the need to click on your target when using abilities. For example, if your cursor is hovering over the enemy, and you use a targeting ability, when you hit the QWER shortcut, it will automatically hit whoever your cursor is hovering over. Similarly, AOE abilites will activate in the area where your cursor is hovering.

Real - Used to express incredulity when an enemy escapes with a ridiculously low amount of HP without dying.

QSS - Short for "Quick Silver Sash", an item that can be activated to clear all debuffs, including suppress, stun, root, and slow.

Snowballing - A term used to describe a champion who starts off early with a kill (usually first blood), gaining them an early advantage over their lane enemies. This snowballing effect builds on itself until the champion dominates his lane with little opposition by zoning, or feeding off of their lane enemy. Often times, certain champions are prone to snowballing more so than others, E.G. Vayne, Riven, Karthus, etc.

WP - Short for "well played", usually a comment messaged at the end of a game when a team is defeated or forfeits. It can also be said to congratulate a summoner on an exceptional play during the game.

CDR - Short for "cool-down reduction", a buff gained through runes, masteries, and items purchased in game. This effect makes the cool-down time for champion abilities marginally less.

CD - Short for "cool-down", or the time between uses of a champion's ability. Q, W, and E abilities generally have a cooldown of 1-20 seconds, while the R ultimate can range from 5 seconds to two minutes.

Tele - Short for "teleport", a summoner spell which allows champions to teleport themselves to an ally unit (including wards, minions, and turrets, excluding other champions)

AD - Short for "attack damage", the amount of damage a summoner's basic attack does. An AD champion is a champ whose major damage output is their basic attack or physical damage from their abilities.

AP - Short for "ability power", the amount of damage a summoner's magic-damage abilities does. An AP champion generally relies on their ability power and their mana consumption to effectively deal damage. These champions generally have poor basic attack damage.

MR - Short for "magic resistance", a buff given by runes, masteries, and items which reduce the damage dealt by ability power. This is essential for survivability against AP champions.

Item Abbreviations - Essential items with long names are usually shortened. Some of these items include: Blood Thirster (BT), Will of the Ancients (WOTA), Last Whipser (LH), Potions (pots), Rod of Ages (RoA), Infinity Edge (IE), Phantom Dancer (PD), and others.

Stack - Stackable/Unstackable - Multiplying buffs given by abilities or items by duplicating the source. Unstackable buffs are marked with the word "UNIQUE". For example, Blood Thirster gives you 70 attack damage, 12 life steal, and other passive buffs. None of these are labeled "UNIQUE", and therefore can be stacked by buying two or more Blood Thirsters. Warmog's Armor, on the other hand, gives you 1% restoration of your maximum health every 5 seconds. This CANNOT be stacked as it is marked "UNIQUE". If you buy two Warmog's Armor, you will not gain 2% life every 5 seconds. Some player buffing abilities likewise have stack restrictions. Hecarim's "Rampage" ability stacks each time it successfully hits an enemy. Each stack lessens the cooldown of "Rampage" by one second. This ability can only stack twice. On the other hand, the summoner spell "Ignite" cannot stack. Re-igniting an enemy will simply reset the duration of the effect back to 5 seconds.

HP5/MP5/GP10 - Shorthand referring to the amount of health, mana, or gold you gain per 5 or 10 seconds respectively


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