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Feint Valorant/League.TfT Boosting

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Hi guys, my names atromatic, otherwise known as matromat - or atro, I've been around da long time but it's been a while since needing a reason to be around scythe. As head management of the best elo boosting company to ever grace the planet, I'll be a lot more active now. You can look through my old vouches to see how long ago I was even trusted then :).
Feint Boosting
Stop wasting your time and spending money getting scammed by boosters that are probably boosted themselves. Feint is the only place you should look any further.​


With over a year of operation Feint Boosting has provided hundreds of customers Join us here not only to be able to put in your orders, but with over two thousand members a thriving community.

Make sure to only put orders in through Order Manager ranks, or QSA_Feint

Why choose us?

Feint Boosting does not have flat rates - each individual is unique, and their situation, wants and needs are evaluated before coming up with a price. Rather it be you want to just be turbo boosted to any Elo imaginable or you want your account to appear offline via an approved riot tool. Rather it be you want a certain champion played or a role played while being boosted, or you want to duo queue throughout the process - all can be taken care of.​


We provide complete discretion and keep's the account owner's safety in mind.

We have a team of 50 + boosters ready to take your order and help you find your match.

We don't just have high elo that might carry you players, we bring heavy hitters that range through top ladder amongst each region, as well as even former and current professional LoL players.

We actually care about your satisfaction, there's a reason people return to us, and that's because they aren't treated like a money sign and like a person that shares a passionate hobby with everyone involved.

We GUARANTEE completion, no ifs ands or buts.

We don't stop at NA, or EUW, or anywhere else. ALL SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL REGIONS.

Your schedule is our schedule, if you want to play league that day (unranked) then let a staff member know and it will be sorted and ready to continue when you would like.


That's not all

Do you not want to be boosted, but would rather learn things ranging from the fundamentals some high elo players don't even realize they are missing, or learn a role from someone who prospers in it? Feint offers full fledge coaching packages, customized to your needs, over multiple sessions and ensure you will leave a better player.

There isn't enough room here to share everything, join the discord and view the praise yourself.


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