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A Guide to Terms of Service (ToS)

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Terms of Service (ToS) are agreements between sellers and buyers. They outline the conduct that both parties are expected to abide by in conducting business with one another. In the context of RuneLister, we rely on ToS agreements to predetermine what will happen in the event of certain outcomes and use ToS to arbitrate disputes between users. We strongly encourage users to agree to clear, enforceable ToS before trading with other users to ensure that they have the smoothest experience possible.

Terms of Service Examples

  • A service provider's ToS may state that customers cannot hold them liable if an account being worked on is banned during a service.
  • A service provider's ToS may state what happens in the event of a service extending past a quoted deadline.
  • An account seller's ToS may state a specific warranty period after which customers cannot hold them liable for issues with the account.
  • A gold seller's ToS may state what happens in the event of slow delivery of gold to a customer.

Terms of Service Rules

  • As a service provider, you must ask your customer to agree to your terms of service in writing.
    • Terms such as "By contacting me you automatically agree to my ToS" and "By opening a ticket you automatically agree to my ToS" are NOT upheld on RuneLister.
    • However, requiring a customer to agree to your ToS before being granted access to a Discord server is valid.
    • You may also reference that a customer making a ticket agrees to your ToS by making a ticket, but this must be referenced within the channel that has the button to create a ticket.
  • In the event that something goes wrong, not having agreed to terms of service with your customer will result in the decision being left up to staff.
  • Staff reserve the right to overrule ToS in certain cases such as where they are being abused or violate existing RuneLister rules.

Terms of Service Suggestions

  • RuneLister is a marketplace. As such, users can negotiate on ToS just as they can negotiate on prices and other aspects of agreements.
  • Have your trading partners agree to ToS in RuneLister a PM, as PMs cannot be edited or deleted and are easy for staff to reference in the event of a report. Note that Discord DMs can be deleted if they are not in the official RuneLister discord server.
  • Do not plagiarize! Copy-pasting another user's ToS without permission is against the rules and will result in punishment. Please ask permission before using another user's ToS.
  • If you will be trading in a section then be sure to thoroughly read the section's stickies and ensure your ToS adheres to those rules as well.
  • Keep up to date with News as major updates or changes will be posted in this section.

Thanks for reading.

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