OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide

OSRS 1-99 Firemaking Guide

Firemaking in OSRS

Firemaking is one of the fastest skills to train in 2007 runescape, this is partially due to its buyable nature. While the skill does not offer a huge amount of practical uses, fire’s as an essential part of oldschool, whether it be to cook food or free the Ice Demon as seen in our CoX Guide.

As with all of our skilling guides, this one will show you the fastest route to 99 Firemaking, in addition to some popular alternatives.



Fastest Firemaking Exp in OSRS

Levels 1-30: Creating Pyre Logs

This is not normally a traditional method players will use. However, it does grant the fastest experience rates until level 30. Shades of Mort’ton must also be complete to make use of sacred oil which is required for the method.

Adding the oil to the logs does not require any in-game time, so the experience rates are tied purely to click speed. Typical speeds result in around 45k firemaking exp per hour. While those who can maintain the fastest sustainable click speed can gain rates of around 65k per hour.

Levels 30-99: Burning Logs

From level 30 to 99, the fastest Firemaking experience rates will come from burning the highest possible tier log available to you. On average players can burn around 1485 logs per hour. The relevant experience rates are shown for each log in the table below.

Firemaking Exp Rates



Wintertodt: Level 50+ Alternative

For players looking for something different to burning logs, the Wintertodt minigame provides a strong alternative. With slightly lower firemaking exp rates. However, Wintertodt does provide some other benefits including; profitable loot, chance at a pet and woodcutting experience.

You will need to make use of the official wintertodt worlds (307, 309, 311 and 389) for the fastest exp, as you will gain additional exp at the end of each round, so it is good to get as many kills as possible.