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Qwertyscape | Full Skilling | Gambling Upgrades | PVM | PVP | Raids | Preset | GIM

----------------------------------------------------Welcome to QwertyScape RSPS!------------------------------------

Are you looking for a friendly and outgoing community with tons of features and content? Look no further than QwertyScape RSPS! Our community-based server strives to ensure an absolute eye-opening experience for all players.


- Gambling Upgrade System- 5,000 Stackables- Hardcore Group Ironman- Custom and made from scratch Discord server- Custom launcher and automatic updater client- Secure and Encrypted Login and password system- Custom Game Mode system including Normal, Rogue, Ironman, Rogue Ironman and many more!- Custom AFK area designed for when you're away from your computer (Comes with AFK point system to use points on AFK shop)- Double XP Weekends, Daily automatic rewards and voting rewards- Unique referral system that gives automatic rewards- Custom home containing all shops, skills, and tips to help your progress- Sell Everything store- Different chests used for Porazdir, Hunnlef, Seren, and Hespori keys obtained by random spawn- Unique teleport system containing teleportation to monsters, bosses, wilderness, skilling, minigames, cities, and donator zones.- Custom Skill zone- Custom Donator Zone- OSRS Bosses such as Zulrah, Nightmare, Serene, and many more!- God Wars Dungeon, Pest Control, Castle Wars, Mage Training Arena- Fight Pits, Fight caves, Duel arena, Barrows- Leaderboards- Raids 1-2-3- Presets

**Discord Server:** Join our custom and active Discord server for a better experience:


Join us today and explore all that QwertyScape RSPS has to offer!