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Vote for ObsidianPK – InstaPK – ECO – Presets – Spawn – OSRS

ObsidianPK – InstaPK – ECO – Presets – Spawn – OSRS

Want to have fun? Want to just PK all day? Then you have come to the right place! We have everything for you Bounty Hunter, Blood Money, Wilderness Bosses, Wilderness Events, Wilderness Bots loads more Wilderness Key Events​! What about Skillers? We do have all skills working perfectly and always improving so both of the gameplays would be as awesome as the other. TLDR: Server is just for you! Features Collection Log World Bosses Boss Logs Near Perfect PvP Perfect PvM Loads of Bosses as - Nightmare and most of the new bosses Raids 1-2-3 Weekly Events by CM Weekly Updates Friendly Staff...