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Vote for ⚜️Magebets – Best RS Gambling site

⚜️Magebets – Best RS Gambling site

Magebets is one of the biggest rising Runescape gambling websites of 2018. It has proven to be a safe gambling website with tons of deposits and withdrawals daily. There is a 24/7 livechat active to answer all your questions about the games that are available, deposits, withdrawals and other things.


The website offers a large variety of content such as dicing, slot games, roulette, sportbet, player vs player betting, hall of fame and more! There is a public live log of all bettings that are placed by players on the website. Magebets offers a free starter RSGP balance to every new registration on the website. Check it out now!


You can deposit Oldschool Runescape gold and Runescape 3 gold. Deposit is almost instant, all you have to do is click on deposit and contact live support to meet you ingame.


Play the game now and receive free rsgp on registration!

Read about contacting Magebets for anything related to the game. Maybe for suggestions or any problems related to the game! We will reply within a day.

Why is magebets fair? Read all about it here! The game has proven to be 100% legit and safe to gamble on. If you want more information about this, click here or contact live support to understand everything.