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READ THIS FIRST! Community repayment details and template !!!

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  1. About Community Repayment

    Community repayment is the staff team's process for returning stolen funds to members of the RuneLister community. These funds primarily come from users wishing to pardon for their offenses and return to RuneLister following a ban; refunding scam victims is a key step in this process. Occasionally, repayment funds come from anti-scams, where money is stolen from a scammer to repay their victims, and generous donors as well. The purpose of this forum is to connect RuneLister users who have been scammed with these reclaimed funds.

    Repayment Procedure

    All users seeking repayment MUST fill out the template below and post it as a new thread in this forum. Your case will then be reviewed by a staff member to ensure that it meets our requirements for repayment, and you will become eligible for repayment if everything is in order.

    All users eligible for repayment will then be given a number. Every so often, staff will select users to repay by rolling a random die from 1 to N, where N is the number of users eligible. . If your number is rolled by the die, you are eligible for up to $100 in repayment at a time. We distribute funds in these $100 chunks to ensure more users benefit and to add some level of fairness to the process. If your number is not rolled, you will remain eligible for repayment as long as you continue to meet our requirements for repayment.

    Our repayment wallet holds BTC. All funds sent to this wallet are recorded and all funds distributed from this wallet are recorded.

    Rules and Requirements

    1. You must fully fill in the template below to request a refund
    2. Your RuneLister account must be at least 6 months old and in good standing (i.e. not DNT'd or banned) in order to request a refund
    3. Your valid Sythe report must be at least 2 months old before you may request a refund
    4. The report must have been reviewed and approved by a staff member
    5. There is a $300 cap per user across all repayment requests and a $100 cap per individual repayment roll
    6. Staff reserve the right to deny repayment requests at will and have the final say on what repayment amounts will be (for example when an old report is ambiguous about how much was scammed)
    7. The following types of scam reports are INELIGIBLE for community repayment:
      • Impostor scams
      • Dicing scams
      • Double-spending scams
      • Account-for-account trades

    Repayment Template

    Please title your thread as follows:
    [Your username] requesting repayment

    Please fill out the following template in the body of your thread:

    Link(s) to relevant scam report(s):
    Amount you were scammed at the time of each report:
    Best way to contact you (e.g. Discord, PM):
    Preferred repayment method (e.g. BTC, PayPal):
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