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Asgarnia Shooting Stars Guide – OSRS if  you’re tracking shooting stars in OSRS, take a look at the shooting star tracker for up-to-date locations and details. It’s a helpful resource for finding stars and streamlining AFK mining XP.   OSRS GUIDES 1 – Taverley (White Wolf Tunnel Entrance) * Taverley Home Teleport * Games Necklace […] Read more
Crandor North Shooting Star Guide – OSRS As you explore shooting star locations in OSRS, the fallen star tracker can be a valuable resource. It shows where stars have landed and how to get there quickly.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Crandor North. >Minigame teleport to Tzhaar Fight pits, then run through Karamja Volcano using the […] Read more
Feldip Hills Shooting Star Guide – OSRS For those keen on finding crashed stars in OSRS, the crashed star tracker offers real-time updates. It includes information on star tier, depletion time, and landing zones.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Feldip Hunter area. >Fairy ring code AKS. 2 – Rantz’s Cave. >Fairy Ring code AKS, then run […] Read more
Fossil Island Shooting Star Guide – OSRS Most people tracking shooting stars in OSRS use something like a shooting star tracker to find stars. It shows live star locations and gives you a quick guide to teleports for easy access.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Fossil Island Mine. >Volcanic Mine teleport, Then run North West. >Digsite […] Read more
Fremennik Lands Shooting Star Guide – OSRS We recommend 07.GG’s fallen star tracker when searching for stars in OSRS. It’s a straightforward way to see live star landings and their tier information.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Rellekka Mine. >Fremennik sea boots teleport. >Enchanted Lyre to Rellekka. >Teleport to House(Located at Rellekka). >Acheivement diary cape teleport […] Read more
Great Kourend Shooting Star Guide – OSRS The easiest way to find fallen stars in OSRS with the help of a falling star tracker. This tool gives you all the details, including members/f2p status and landing times.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Lovakite Mine * Xeric’s Talismin (Xeric’s Inferno) * Fairy Ring (DJR) * Kharedst’s Memoirs […] Read more
Kandarin Shooting Star Guide – OSRS Many players turn to the osrs star tracker for an interactive map showing crashed star sites. It’s a handy guide for both new and experienced players in the game.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Catherby Bank. >Teleport to Catherby. >Teleport to Camelot & run. 2 – Yanille Bank. >Watchtower Teleport […] Read more
Kebos Lowlands Shooting Star Guide – OSRS While hunting for stars in OSRS, the fallen star tracker is the easiest way to find your next star. It shows not just the locations but also how long the stars will be there.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Mount Quidamortem (COX Bank) * Xeric’s Talisman (Xeric’s Honour) * […] Read more
Kharidian Desert Shooting Star Guide – OSRS A lot of players, including myself, use a tracker like this to find their next star. It’s helpful for finding the latest crashed star sites to mine.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Duel Arena * Ring of Dueling (Duel Arena) 2 – Al Kharid Mine * Ring of Dueling […] Read more
Misthalin Shooting Star Guide -OSRS Many players rely on the osrs star tracker for up-to-date information on shooting stars. It’s a user-friendly way to track their locations and landing times.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Draynor Bank * Achievement Diary Cape (Toby) * Amulet of Glory (Draynor Village) 2 – West Lumbridge Swamp Mine * Fairy […] Read more
Mortytania Shooting Star Guide -OSRS For those chasing shooting stars in OSRS, the shooting star tracker is a go-to. It keeps you informed about star landings, tiers and the time until they deplete.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Canifis Bank * Khayrll Teleport * Fairy Ring (CKS) * Salve Graveyard Teleport 2 – Burgh de Rott […] Read more
Piscatoris Gnome Shooting Star Guide – OSRS If you’re looking for stars to mine, check out 07.GG’s Shooting Star Tracker. It provides all the information you need to find a new star.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Piscatoris Mine * Fairy Ring (AKQ) * Piscatoris Teleport * Western Banner 3 or 4 2 – Tree Gnome […] Read more
Tirannwn Shooting Star Guide – OSRS If you’re looking for your next star to mine, check out the shooting star tracker. It has a live map with all the active shooting stars around OSRS that shows tiers, teleports, and more  OSRS GUIDES 1 – Isafdar Mine * Teleport Crystal (Lletya) 2 – Lletya * Teleport […] Read more
Wilderness Shooting Star Guide – OSRS If are tracking and mining stars on OSRS, you probably want to check out the OSRS Shooting Star Tracker to help you find active crashed star landing sites.  OSRS GUIDES 1 – South Wilderness Mine (Abyss Mine, Mage of Zamorak Mine) * Achievement Diary Cape (Lesser Fanatic) * Amulet […] Read more