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Best OSRS Money Making Methods in 2023. AFK/Combat/Skill

Best OSRS Money Making Methods in 2023. AFK/Combat/Skill

This article will list the best ways to make money in Old School Runescape. You can find AFK money making methods, combat money making methods and all the skilling money making methods available for OSRS in 2022. These guides are updated frequently and new methods are added. That being said, before doing any of the guides we highly recommend for you to do the calculations yourself, because OSRS economy is dynamic and prices change all the time. All of these guides are working in 2022, but profits may be slightly different from the ones mentioned in this article.

If you are an ironman check out Ironman money making guide.

The fastest way to obtain RS gold can be found HERE.

New methods are being added to this article constantly and the profits are usually updated, but again - do your own research before trying out any of these methods to calculate the exact profit you should expect to make.

Each money making category listed here will have one money making method listed. All the other related money making methods can be found by going to a suggested article.

Here are some of the best Old School Runescape Money Making Methods by

Killing Vorkath - 3500K / Hour
Killing Zulrah - 2000K / Hour
Pickpocketing master farmers - 1500K / hour
Crafting astral runes - 1200K / Hour
Smelting adamant bars at Blast furnace - 1100K / Hour
Casting Tan Leather - 1000K / Hour
Making snapdragon potions - 900K / Hour
Smithing steel bars at Blast Furnace - 800K / Hour
Making teak planks - 700K / Hour
Tanning dragonhide - 600K / Hour

The methods above have different degrees of difficulty, you can do some of these methods, even if you are a new player. The guides listed bellow will go in to specifics like requirements and types of guides. For most of these guides you will need to be a member, some of these guides require you to have some starting cash. Click here to buy OSRS gold.

Here are the type of money making guides you will see bellow:

No requirement OSRS money making guide
OSRS Combat money making guide
OSRS F2P money making guide
OSRS P2P money making guide
OSRS AFK money making guide
Easy OSRS money making guide
OSRS Skilling money making guide

No requirement OSRS money making guide

Here is an up to date guide written in 2020 on how to make money with no requirements in Old School Runescape.

Tanning leather - up to 600K an hour!

Tanning leather is super easy and all you need is some starting gold to do it. This can be done both by F2P and P2P players, although profits will vary depending on the type of leather you tan. If you are F2P player you should tan Cow-hides and if you are P2P player we recommend tanning Green, Blue, Red or Black Dragon-hides.

The best place to tan Hides is Al-Kharid. You can get there by walking from Lumbridge (will need to pay 10gp to pass the gate) or by teleporting to Duel arena using a ring of dueling, teleporting there with an amulet of glory by teleporting to Al-Kharid palace.

You need no requirements to make money on OSRS by tanning Leather - Here's the best place to tan.

If you are a new player and want to know more similar methods you can find more No requirement Old School Runescape Money Making Methods here.

Guides listed in the article include but are not limited to:

Tanning hides. Expected profit 150k-600k GP/H.
Flipping @ The grand exchange. Expected profit 500K-10M/H.
Cutting chocolate bars into dust. Expected profit 100k GP/H.
Collecting white berries. Expected profit 130K GP/H.

OSRS Combat money making methods

Getting money while training combat is amazing. If you choose the monsters right you will be getting levels super quick and making tons of RS gp along the way. If you accumulate accumulate more than you need, you can always turn your Runescape gold in to real money simply sell gold to us! Lets get in to the best Old School Runescape combat money making methods!

In 2020 the best monster to kill was Vorkath. You can make up to 3M GP/Hour!

OSRS Combat money making boss - Vorkath!

However, high earnings come with high requirements. For this one you will need to complete Monkey Madness 2 and have decent stats.

Once you learn how to kill Vorkath you can start making 1M an hour and every time you get better you will be making more.

The best monster to kill in 2022 is Nex and it can make you up to 12M per hour!

It's one of the most difficult bosses in the game, but the reward is well worth it.

More detailed guide on killing Vorkath can be found in this OSRS Combat money making guide.

This guide also has easier monsters you can kill such as:

Killing Green Dragons. Expect to make 450K+ GP/Hour. You can start killing them with pretty low stats!
Killing Brutal Black dragons. Expect to make up to 1M GP/Hour. These require 77+ Slayer. 75+ Ranged and 37+ Prayer would be highly recommended.
Killing Ogres. Expect to make 120K GP/Hour. This is a F2P money making method, you can start doing it with ~40 Ranged or Magic.
Killing Gargoyles. Expect to make 500K+ GP/Hour. Requirements are 75 Slayer and 75+ in Strength, Attack and Defense.
Killing Chaos druids. Expect to make 100K+ GP/Hour. Perfect for low levels - fast xp and decent in terms of money making.

OSRS P2P Money making

Being a member allows you to have the best experience playing the game. It's pretty cheap to become a member, specially if you buy a bond using RS gp. You can see our calculations in this article - reasons to buy Runescape gold.

There are plenty of no requirement money making methods available for members and to start this list off one of the easiest ways you can make money is by collecting Blue Dragon scales.

This method is pretty simple - you go to the Taverly dungeon, squeeze through a pipe to the Blue Dragon area and collect a full inventory of scales and teleport to Falador to bank them. Don't forget an anti-dragon shield!

Here's a quick way to get to the bank and back:road from Falador to the bank and Taverly dungoen

You can make up to 360k OSRS gold collecting blue dragon scales!

Here are a few more money making methods that require you to be P2P - OSRS P2P Money Making Guide.

A lot of the guides listed in this article have little to no requirements and can net you anywhere from a 100k to 1M GP/Hour as well as some xp in certain skills, so be sure to check it out if youre looking to gain some levels.

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