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A Complete Misthalin Shooting Star Guide -OSRS

Misthalin Shooting Star Guide -OSRS

Many players rely on the osrs star tracker for up-to-date information on shooting stars. It's a user-friendly way to track their locations and landing times.

1 – Draynor Bank

* Achievement Diary Cape (Toby)

* Amulet of Glory (Draynor Village)

2 – West Lumbridge Swamp Mine

* Fairy Ring (Zanaris, exit to shed via fairy ring near Evil Chicken’s Lair)

* Achievement Diary Cape (Twiggy O’Korn)

* Fairy Ring (BIQ, mith grapple and crossbow required)

* Necklace of Passage (Wizards’ Tower)

* Glory Amulet (Draynor Village)

* Lumbridge Teleport

3 – East Lumbridge Swamp Mine

* Achievement Diary Cape (Hatius Cosaintus)

* Lumbridge Teleport

* Lumbridge Home Teleport

4 – South-west Varrock Mine

* Chronicle Teleport

* Combat Bracelet (Champions’ Guild)

5 – South-east Varrock Mine

* Senntisten Teleport

* Chronicle Teleport

* Combat Bracelet (Champions’ Guild)

6 – Varrock East Bank

* Achievement Diary Cape (Toby)

* Varrock Teleport
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