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A Complete Kharidian Desert Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

Kharidian Desert Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

A lot of players, including myself, use a tracker like this to find their next star. It's helpful for finding the latest crashed star sites to mine.

1 – Duel Arena

* Ring of Dueling (Duel Arena)

2 – Al Kharid Mine

* Ring of Dueling (Duel Arena)

3 – Al Kharid Bank

* Amulet of Glory (Al Kharid)

* Gnome Glider to Kar-Hewo

* Ring of Dueling (Duel Arena)

4 – Desert Quarry

* Camulet

* Pharaoh’s Sceptre (Jaldraocht)

* Ferry from Al Kharid to the Ruins of Unkah

5 – Agility Pyramid Mine

* Pharaoh’s Sceptre (Jalsavrah)

* Nardah Teleport

* Desert Amulet 2, 3 or 4

6 – Nardah Bank

* Nardah Teleport

* Desert Amulet 2, 3 or 4

* Fairy Ring (DLQ)

7 – Uzer Mine

* Necklace of Passage (Eagle’s Eyrie)

* Magic Carpet from Shantay Pass to Uzer

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