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A Complete Kebos Lowlands Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

Kebos Lowlands Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

While hunting for stars in OSRS, the fallen star tracker is the easiest way to find your next star. It shows not just the locations but also how long the stars will be there.

1 – Mount Quidamortem (COX Bank)

* Xeric’s Talisman (Xeric’s Honour)

* Lovakengj Minecart Network

* Mountain Guide

2 – Kebos Lowlands Swamp Mine

* Skills Necklace (Farming Guild)

* Fairy Ring (CIR)

3 – Mount Karuulm Bank

* Radar’s Blessing 3 or 4

* Fairy Ring (CIR)

4 – Mount Karuulm Mine

* Rada’s Blessing 3 or 4

* Fairy Ring (CIR)
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