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A Complete Asgarnia Shooting Stars Guide – OSRS

Asgarnia Shooting Stars Guide – OSRS

if  you're tracking shooting stars in OSRS, take a look at the shooting star tracker for up-to-date locations and details. It's a helpful resource for finding stars and streamlining AFK mining XP.

1 – Taverley (White Wolf Tunnel Entrance)

* Taverley Home Teleport

* Games Necklace (Burthrope)

* Combat Bracelet (Warrior’s Guild)

2 – Dwarven Mine Entrance

* Lassar Teleport

* Combat Bracelet (Monastery)

* Mind Altar Teleport

* Skull Sceptre

3 – West Falador Mine

* Falador Teleport (with 5 agility to use Crumbling Wall)

* Skills Necklace (Crafting Guild)

* Crafting Skillcape

4 – Mining Guild Entrance

* Skills Necklace (Mining Guild)

* Ring of Wealth (Falador Park)

* Falador Teleport

5 – Crafting Guild

* Skills Necklace

* Crafting Skillscape

* Rimmington House Teleport

6 – Rimmington Mine

* Rimmington House Teleport

* Grouping Teleport (Rat Pits at Port Sarim)

* Explorer’s Ring

* Spirit Tree (Self Grown)

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