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Rogues Den – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Rogues Den – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Rogues Den


50 thieving and 50 agility is required to navigate the rogues den. Whilst 80 thieving unlocks a shortcut that allows you to navigate the maze quicker, making it strictly more efficient to wait for 80 thieving from the perspective of collection log completion, most players will want to obtain this outfit earlier than level 80 in order to maximise the gp made while training thieving.

There are 5 collection log slots in the Rogues’ Den tab. They are filled by successfully navigating the thieving and agility maze inside the Rogues’ Den, and obtaining Rogue outfit pieces from successfully navigating it. You must attempt the maze with nothing equipped and nothing in your inventory. You should pre-pot a dose of stamina potion before entering the maze. The following image from the wiki shows how to navigate the maze – with the pink line showing the route for players without 80+ thieving, and the white route showing the shortcut available at 80+ thieving:

Once in the centre of the maze, crack a wall safe in order to obtain either a rogue kit, which can be turned into chisel, tinderbox, rope or spade, OR obtain a Rogue’s equipment crate, which allows you to select the piece of the Rogue outfit you wish to obtain.

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