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New Wilderness Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

Wilderness Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

If are tracking and mining stars on OSRS, you probably want to check out the OSRS Shooting Star Tracker to help you find active crashed star landing sites.

1 – South Wilderness Mine (Abyss Mine, Mage of Zamorak Mine)

* Achievement Diary Cape (Lesser Fanatic)

* Amulet of Glory (Edgeville)

* Ring of Dueling (Ferox Enclave)

2 – South-west Wilderness Mine (Skeleton Mine)

* Burning Amulet (Bandit Camp)

* Mind Altar Teleport

* Dareeyak Teleport

* Combat Bracelet (Monastery)

3 – Bandit Camp Mine (Hobgoblin Mine)

* Wilderness Obelisk (Level 27 or 35)

* Cemetery Teleport

* Ring of Dueling (Ferox Enclave)

* Burning Amulet (Lava Maze or Bandit Camp)

4 – Lave Maze Runite Mine (Rune Rocks)

* Wilderness Obelisk (Level 44)

* Ice Plateau Teleport

* Ghorrock Teleport

* Burning Amulet (Lava Maze)

5 – Pirates’ Hideout Mine

* Deserted Keep Lever

* Ice Plateau Teleport

* Ghorrock Teleport

6 – Mage Arena

* Deserted Keep Lever

7 – Wilderness Resource Area

* – Deserted Keep Lever
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