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A Complete Trouble Brewing – Collection Log – Minigame Guide OSRS 2023

Trouble Brewing – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Trouble Brewing


40 cooking and the completion of the “Cabin Fever” quest.

There are 30 collection lot slots in the Trouble Brewing tab. They are obtained by finishing games of trouble brewing, earning pieces of eight (Po8) and using them to buy these items from Honest Jimmy, who stands just to the north of the trouble brewing site. In total, 39590 pieces of eight are required to fill this collection log tab. Each game of trouble brewing lasts for 20 minutes, with a 3 minute wait between rounds.

Regardless of the method you choose to complete trouble brewing, to obtain Po8 in a game of trouble brewing, fill your inventory with empty buckets from the supply tab near you in the room you spawn in. Head immediately just outside and fill all your buckets on the water pump near the door of the room you spawned in. Once all buckets are filled, head back inside the room you spawned in, climb upstairs, and use all your buckets of water on the hopper with a poster of a bucket of water next to it. Repeat this four times, until you have used 100 buckets on the hopper. This will take approximately four minutes.

There are three ways to complete the trouble brewing log.

Method 1:

Use 100 buckets of water on the hopper, and then afk for the remainder of the game. The most reliable place to do this is on the official Trouble Brewing world (world 304). Provided there are enough other playings using the official world, this method will give you 223 Po8/h, taking you approximately 178 hours to fill the log.

Method 2:

The second method is to use one alt.

To do this method, find 4 worlds that no one else is playing Trouble Brewing on, and that stay open if a player leaves. Set up a game of Trouble Brewing with your main and your alt on the first world, and hop to the second world when the timer hits 16 minutes. Remain on this world until the timer hits 16 minutes and hop to the third world. Remain on this world until the timer hits 16 minutes and hop to the fourth. Finally, remain on this world until the timer hits 16 minutes and hop to the first world, where you should now have about four minutes remaining to fill and empty 100 buckets.

You have now set up four staggered games of Trouble Brewing, and can go through each world with enough time to empty 100 buckets and be awarded 100 Po8. This method will provide approximately 750 Po8/h (not including the approximate 12 minutes it takes to set up the cycle), taking approximately 53 hours to complete the log.

Method 3:

The third method is to use two alts. This method is similar to method two, but uses three accounts, one main (let’s call this “main”) + two alts (let’s call these a1 and a2), and uses six worlds (let’s call these “w1”-”w6”).

The main ALWAYS joins the red team. Use a1 and a2 to start a game on w1. Have a2 immediately hop to w2 once the game has started, and join the lobby. When the timer on w1 hits 16 minutes, have a1 hop to w2, and join the lobby. As soon as the game starts, have a2 hop to w3 and join the lobby. When the timer on w2 hits 16 minutes, have a1 hop to w3 and join the lobby. As soon as the game starts, have a2 hop to w4 and join the lobby. When w3 hits 16 minutes, have a1 hop to w4 and start the game. Now, have your main join the lobby on w1, where it should be let in a game with 6 mins remaining. Have a2 hop to w5 and join the lobby. Begin emptying buckets on your main in w1, keeping an eye on w4 timers so that when the w4 timer hits 16 minutes a1 hops to w5. Continue this process, having your alts go back to w1 once w6 has been properly set.

You have now created a cycle where a1 and a2 are staggering games a few minutes a part, a few worlds a head of your main, so that your main can continue to immediately join games and empty 100 buckets in the few minutes left on the game on this world, before hopping to the next world you’ve prepared for them.

This method provides up to 1200 p08/h, allowing you to complete the log in approximately 33 hours. An example of this method can be found in this video by Rambo Prods:

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