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A Complete Temple Trekking – Collection Log Guide OSRS 2023

Temple Trekking – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Temple Trekking


Completion of the quests”In Aid of the Myreque” and “Darkness of Hallowvale” are required. Morytania legs 3/4 are highly recommended.

There are 4 collection log slots in the Temple Trekking tab. These four slots are the complete lumberjack outfit. Filling these slots should take less than half an hour. They are obtained by killing the undead lumberjacks that spawn in the bridge repairing event (without trees) when escorting mercenaries from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus. They drop from a rate of 1/4 and do not drop duplicates if you already have one of the items.

The fastest way to obtain these lumberjack pieces is to teleport to Burgh de Rott using either Mortytania legs 3 or 4, or Fairy ring CKS to escort from the bridge over the river salve if you don’t have Morytania legs 3 or 4. When there, escort any person through Route One. If the first event that spawns is a bridge repairing event, and the bridge does NOT have trees available to cut, undead lumberjacks will spawn from the swamp waters repeatedly and you can kill them for a 1/4 chance of obtaining a lumberjack outfit piece. If you do not get this event, teleport back to Burgh de Rott and escort a person through Route One again, repeating until you get the bridge repair event without trees. Only one outfit piece can be obtained per bridge repair event, so once you have obtained a piece you should immediately teleport back to Burgh de Rott and escort the person through Route One again. Repeat this until you have the full outfit.

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