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A Complete OSRS Gnome Restaurant – Minigame Guide

Gnome Restaurant – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Gnome Restaurant


In order to complete this log efficiently it is recommended to have unlocked as many teleports/forms of transportation as possible and to have completed the following quests: Monkey Madness I, Troll Stronghold, Fishing Contest, Giant Dwarf.

There are 4 collection log slots in the Gnome Restaurant tab. In order to obtain these items, player must complete deliveries from a Gnomes found in the northwest corner of the first floor of the Grand Tree. Before starting deliveries it is worth stockpiling the gnome goods request. A list can be found on the wiki here:

These items can be obtained by cooking them yourselves, or purchasing them from the Grand Exchange or other plays. These items often sell quite slowly.

To obtain all collection log slots players must complete hard deliveries. There are six gnomes who give the collection log slots as tips:

– Captain Ninto is found in the dwarf bar beneath White Wolf Mountain. They may tip goggles and scarf.

– Captain Daerkin is found in the centre of the viewing platform of the duel arena. They may tip goggles and scarf.

– Professor Manglethorp is found on the west side of the main Keldagrim hall on the ground floor, near the door. They may tip Giant Seed pod.

– Wingstone is found north of the agility pyramid. They may tip grand seed pod and mint cake.

– Penwie is found west of the Karamjan Gnome Glider. They may tip grand seed pod and mint cake.

– Brambickle is found north of the sledding section of Trollweiss mountain, near the entrance of the Ice Troll caves. They may tip Giant seed pod and Mint cake.

Every hard delivery gives three reward points. Twelve reward points gives one food token. When you cap your reward tokens at ten, you will access a new dialogue option with Gianne when commencing delivers, who gives you the option to deliver for tips. At this point, if you are assigned a gnome who does not tip a collection log slots, you can click on Gianne after assigned a undesired target to be given another name, which you can do until you are assigned a Gnome who tips an item you are still looking for.

Because the ability to ‘skip’ gnomes is only unlocked after forty deliveries, and before you are able to ‘skip’ you need to wait 5 minutes between turning down hard deliveries, it is quicker to deliver to all gnomes until you cap your food tokens. Doing all deliveries, even gnomes who don’t tip collection log slots, will give you the ability to skip tasks as fast as possible, minimizing the overall time spent filling these log slots.

A list of all Gnomes and their locations can be found on the wiki here:

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