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A Complete Hallowed Sepulchre – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Hallowed Sepulchre – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Hallowed Sepulchre


Accessing the Hallowed Sepulchre requires completion of “Sins of the Father” quest and 52 agility, although 92 agility is necessary to complete the log. The bare minimum following skills are also required to completed the log efficiently, although much much higher is recommended: 66 Thieving, 56 Construction, 54 Prayer, 7 Magic and 62 Ranged.

There are 16 collection log slots in the Hallowed Sepulchre tab. 9 of these are filled by opening chests in the Sepulchre. A hallowed mark is a guaranteed drop from any chest. The Strange old lockpick can be found from looting any chest. The ring of endurance is found by looting the grand coffin at the end of floor five. The 5 mysterious pages are found, one on each floor, as a 1/10 drop from the coffins on that floor.

The other 7 collection log slots are filled by purchase items from the Mysterious Stranger. 3960 hallowed marks are required to purchase every item. It’s crucial to purchase the Hallowed ring first, as this prevents you from taking damage from everything except poison gas from coffins in the Sepulchre. You should loot every coffin on every floor until you have purchased this ring. Once you have this ring and feel more competent at running the sepulchre, it’s recommended to loot every chest on floors 4 and 5 when rushing collection log completion.

There are obstacles between you and every type of coffin in the sepulchre. There are four types of obstacles:

– Broken Bridges: requires a hammer and saw as well as planks and nails to repair. If you are interested in gaining construction xp, you should use 2 mahogany planks and 5 rune nails to repair these traps, giving you 700 construction xp. If you don’t wish to spend the extra money for passive construction xp, use 2 planks and 2 steel nails, which will give you 150 construction xp. Using a normal hammer, you have a chance of bending the nails and will need to try again. Once you have purchased the hallowed hammer you will no longer fail. It is strongly advised to obtain a plank sack before attempting to complete the Hallowed Sepulchre collection log. You do NOT need to remove planks from your plank sack to use them to build bridges

– Portal Frames: cast an enchantment spell on the standard spell book to pass through these portals. If you fail twice, the portal will become impassable. When you have unlocked and have equipped the hallowed focus, you will not fail these spells and will pass through the portal on the first attempt.

– Pillars: use a crossbow and grapple. If you are using the mithril grapple, there is a chance of failure. Once you have unlocked and have equipped hallowed grapple you will succeed on your first attempt each time.

– Saradomin Brazier: Blocks coffins with a holy barrier. Sacrifice two vampyre dust to pass through the barrier, doing this gives you 200 prayer xp. When you have unlocked and have equipped the hallowed symbol, only one dust is required to pass. (edited)[2:03 AM]

A saradomin item is required for the free energy recharges between floors. Any hallowed item counts as a saradomin piece, so once you have purchased the hallowed ring (the most important item to purchase first) you will no longer need to equip another saradomin item. Here is a recommended initial set up.

Once you have unlocked all of the items in the sepulchre and are still hunting the dark acorn, a setup like the following is used:

Having good Runelite ground markers are extremely helpful for earning to run the sepulchre. RenyoldsWrap has created some thorough ground markers which can be imported into runelite. These markers are found here:

A thorough description of these tile markers are tips for each floor are found here:

As you become more comfortable running the sepulchre you will likely decide to delete some of these tile markers for a more minimal lay out that suits your style!

Video guides can also be extremely helpful for learning to run the sepulchre.

A good introductory guide to the sepulchre is Gnomonkey’s guide, found here:

Examples of more advanced and efficient runs are found in he box jonge’s video here:

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