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2023 Ultimate Guardians of the Rift Guide – OSRS

Ultimate Guardians of the Rift Guide – OSRS



Completion of the Temple of the Eye quest. Highly recommended: Completion of Morning Ends II, Sins of the Father, Troll Stronghold, access to the Lunar spellbook, 77 Runecraft and 82 Magic for Magic Imbue.

There are 17 slots in the Guardians of the Rift (GOTR) tab. 9 of these are obtained by searching the Rift Guardian; The Abyssal Protector (1/4000), Abyssal pearls (1/6.944), Catalytic talisman (1/200), Abyssal needle (1/300), The three Abyssal dyes (1/1200 each), the Abyssal lantern (1/700) and the Intricate pouch (1/25). Two slots, the Lost bag (1/60) and Tarnished locket (1/40), are obtained by opening Intricate pouches, which are obtained by searching the Rift Guardian. The expected number of searches to fill all slots obtained by searching the Rift Guardian is 4764.

Six slots are obtained by purchasing them with Abyssal pearls from the Temple Supplies store run by Apprentice Felix. Abyssal pearls are a currency obtained by searching the Rift Guardian. 4750 Abyssal pearls are required to purchase these six items. You average 2.16 pearls per search, so approximately 2200 searches are needed to obtain all the Abyssal pearls needed to purchase the six collection log slots.

GOTR is a Runecraft minigame, where players must mine essence to craft runes to obtain guardian stones to assist the Great Guardian in quashing an abyssal creature invasion by closing the rift they’re advancing through.

When players begin playing GOTR, they should have this inventory/equipment set up:


– If you aren’t maxed you should wear either a mining cape, a runecraft cape, or a graceful cape if they have neither. The mining cape will help you mine essence faster, the runecraft cape will prevent your pouches from degrading.

– Charging your crystal pickaxe will help you mine shards/essence faster, but is an expensive and marginal buff that you may prefer to avoid.

– Likewise, charging your celestial ring with stardust will help you mine shards and essence faster, but is also a marginal buff, only worth doing if you have an excess of stardust

– Air runes are for making combo runes, which should be done for all elemental runes. Air runes will provide the most amount of points for any combo rune, but if you’d like to gain slightly less points and acquire slightly more profitable runes, you should feel free to use water runes.

– If you don’t have Varrock armour 4, wear the highest level of Varrock armour you have. If you don’t have any, wear a graceful torso.

When you’ve played the game more and obtained more collection log slots, your set up should look like this:

General tips:

– There is a runelite Guardians of the Rift Helper plug in that can be quite helpful – the portal spawn timer and potential points overlay are particularly helpful

– You can right click on Portal Guardians to toggle if you want to receive talismans from them or not. You only want to receive talismans from Fire, Death and Blood altars, so disable receiving talismans from all other Portal Guardians.

– Polyelemental runes give 50% more points than normal elemental runes. Because of this you will always need to enter into 3 catalytic altars for every 2 elemental altars you enter.

– It’s always quicker to drop all runes you make though this will significantly decrease your profits. Choose yourself which runes you’re happy to drop, and which you want to keep. Deposit the runes you want to keep in the Deposit pool, to the left of where you craft fragments into essence.

Method 1:

This method describes how to get the most points possible while playing on mass worlds, ~26 searches/h All steps in italics are optional, but if no one on your team does you will fail the rounds. You should decide if you want to do them on not based on how many people in your mass are creating guardians and powering up guardians.

Before rift opens:

1. Use NPC Contact spell to repair pouches if you aren’t using an Abyssal lantern (redwood) or wearing a Runecrafting cape/Max cape

2. Take 10 uncharged cells and 1 weak cell.

3. Stand by the guardian until rift opens.

When rift opens:

1. Use the weak cell to create a guardian

2. Run to the Large Guardian remains to the east and begin mining.

3. Stop mining either when you have 170 fragments.

4. Use workbench to craft 30 essence, go to altar and craft runes then exit altar.

5. Power up and Heal barrier, deposit runes if desired.

6. Enter spawned portal, fill pouch, go to altar, craft runes and exit altar.

7. Power up and Heal barrier, deposit runes if desired.

Repeat steps 4-7 until the end of the game, except craft enough essence to fill your pouch(es) each time you return to the work bench.

Method 2:

This Dolo method invented by he box jonge is the fastest way to fill the GOTR log, providing ~33 searches/h.


1. Mine 185 Guardian Fragments

2. Make 1 or 2 guardians, preferably strong but catalytic will do.

3. Craft Combo runes three times, bringing you up to ~600 elemental points

4. Craft Catalytic runes until you equalize to your elemental points

5. If your Yew lantern doesn’t proc, place weak cells in the empty tiles for additional points (17 points in both elemental and catalytic).

6. End the minigame with both points at ~660.


1. Make 2 Guardians at the start and make all 3 barriers.

2. Get all the 3 Barriers to over charged.

3. If needed, enter into the 3rd portal spawn, fill your inventory and pouch with essence and craft to assist your main in finishing the game.

See this video by he box jonge for an example of the dolo method:

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