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2023 Tithe Farm – Collection Log – Minigame Guide OSRS

Tithe Farm – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Tithe Farm


100% Hosidius favour and 34 farming.

There are 7 collection log slots in the Tithe Farm Tab. In order to obtain them you must successfully plant and harvest seeds for points then purchase the items with these points from Farmer Gricoller. A total of 850 points are required to complete the log.

You may play this game with either Golovanova seeds (requiring 34 farming< Bologano seeds (requiring 54 farming) or Logavano seeds (requiring 74 farming). Take the seeds and enter into the mini game.

The following picture shows an optimal inventory set up. If you do not have any farmer’s outfit pieces, simply wear full graceful. A ring of endurance is not strictly required, but will make runs smoother. Due to the large number of watering cans in your inventory, you will not need to cast humidify while fruit is growing, and can cast humidify between harvesting and planting your next batch.

The following image from the wiki shows an efficient route that is easy to learn. At each number, plant and water a seed. Once you’ve completed the circuit, repeat it, watering each fruit. Once they are grown, harvest each fruit following the same circuit. Deposit your fruit into the sacks after you have successfully harvested all fruit. If you have made no mistakes, you will deposit 100 fruit, giving you 25 points.

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