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2023 Mahogany Homes –A Complete Collection Log Guides OSRS

Mahogany Homes – Collection Log Guides OSRS


Mahogany Homes


70 construction is required to efficiently fill this log. Access to lunars and 89 magic, as well, a construction cape/house in hosidius and xeric’s talisman are recommended.

There are 8 collection log slots in the Mahogany Homes (MH) tab. In order to fill this log, players must complete contracts for Mahogany Homes, receive Carpenter points, and use these points to purchase rewards. In total, 4875 Carpenter points are required to fill this log.

Talk to Amy, located south of Falador park, to receive your first contract. Ask for an expert contact, with rewards 5 points. Amy will assign you to one of 12 clients. Go to their house, remove the old furniture in their house and replace it, then talk to the client to complete the contract. After completing one contract from Amy, you should use NPC contact to receive future contracts. A map link of their locations can be found on the wiki here:

This table shows the closest teleport to each client:

The most efficient inventory lay out is the following:

Use recharge dragonstone to recharge your ring of wealth. A plank sack is a significant qol upgrade, it is essential to purchase it as your first item. It is quicker to unnote planks than to withdraw them from the bank – unnote planks when running past the hosidius bank on the way to mariah or the way to hosidius bank or at the falador east bank, after teleporting to falador park. Keep at least one steel bar in your inventory at all times.

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