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2023 Giants Foundry A Complete Minigame Guide – OSRS

Giants Foundry Complete Guide – OSRS


Completion of the Sleeping Giant quest, 85 Smithing recommended.

There are 9 slots in the Giants’ Foundry tab. These are all purchased from Kovac, with points obtained by creating swords commissioned by Kovac. 22515 points are required to purchase all 9 collection log slot items. Kovac also sells moulds, which are not currently on the collection log. However, due to the point increase given by using moulds, it is slightly quicker to obtain all these items if the first things you spend points on are the top five moulds. If you choose to do this, you should purchase these five moulds in the following order – Choppa!, Spiker!, The Point!, Needle point, Fleur de Blade. Purchasing these will require an addition 2150 points.

The first slots you should purchase are the four smithing outfit pieces, and then any other log slots in any order afterwards.


To play, receive a commission from Kovac, and set the mould to what will give you the highest score. Fill the crucible with bars/items then pour.

When filling the crucible, using an alloy gives better xp than only using one metal. The best combination for points is 14 Addy, 14 Rune. The best combination for gp/xp is 18 Mith, 10 Addy.

Follow the instructions on the progress bar at the top of your screen. Use the waterfall to decrease the swords temperature – Cooling for slow rate, and Quenching for a fast rate. Use the Lava pool to increase your temperature, Heating for a slow rate, and Dunking for a fast rate.

Red on the progress bar corresponds to the Trip Hammer, Yellow to the Grindstone and Green to the Polishing Wheel. When using a machine, if the progress bar turns yellow, click again once on the machine to receive a large progress boost. This will happen three times per sword.

When you’ve completed your sword, give it to Kovac, receive a new commission and start again.

You may like to install “Easy Giant’s Foundry” from the plug in hub from runelite. This plug in displays information numerically, making it easier to avoid making mistakes.

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