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2023 A Complete Volcanic Mine – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Volcanic Mine – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Volcanic Mine


Completion of the Bone Voyage quest, 50 mining and 150 Kudos. You also need to have claimed the five unidentified small fossils from Peter after having finished building the museum camp.

There are 3 collection log slots in the Volcanic Mine tab. In order to fill this tab, you must earn points in the volcanic mine and purchase items from Petrified Pete. In total, 50200 points are required to complete this log. At the beginning of each game you must pay Pete 30 numulite.

Volcanic mine is an intricate minigame that is usually plaid in teams. However, learning these group methods properly and finding teams will normally take longer than quickly gaining the slots through a method called solo capping/checking.

When solo capping/checking, you should wear full prospector, your best pickaxe and your best prayer bonus gear in the remaining inventory slots. Wear a regen bracelet, and a hit points/max cape if you have one. In the equipment slots remaining, wear the highest prayer bonus gear you have access to. In your inventory, bring a stamina pot, a prayer pot and a few pieces of food.

Enter into the mine, and head to the south east staircase. Walk instead of running to this staircase, as you need to spend 30 seconds in the mine before going downstairs so you shouldn’t waste run energy in this time. Once the timer allows you to go downstairs, run north to Gas Chamber B, run north to vent B, using the heat proof vessel you’re given at the beginning of the game to cross over the lava. Check vent B, then run to Vent C using your heat proof vessel. Run back to Gas Chamber B, take another rock, block the chamber and mine the blockage. Repeat this until you hit 400 points – this is the maximum you can acquire per round using this method, then go back up the staircase and climb out of the mine. Repeat this method until you’ve obtained the points needed to fill the collection log tab.

This image below, taken from the wiki, shows the pathway for this method:

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