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2023 A Complete Soul Wars – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Soul Wars – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Soul Wars


In order to play soul wars, 500 total level and 40 combat level is required.

There are 3 collection log slots in the Soul Wars Tab. 2 of these can be purchased for a fixed total price of 2750 zeal tokens. The pet, is acquired by opening Spoils of War, which cost 30 zeal tokens and have a 1/400 chance of giving the pet. Zeal tokens are acquired by playing games of Soul Wars.

The most efficient way to complete the soul wars log is by using an alt. This method was developed by Barcoding and unifire.

Your main wears max range with void, a blow pipe, a dark bow with dragon arrows and brings runes to cast telekinetic grab. Your alt needs 75 range with an ava’s device, rock cake/locator orb. Elite void and rigor is recommended. Have both accounts use their ava’s device on Nomad to apply the effect on your Soul Cape.

Have your main and alt both grab potions from the base and kill the closest ghosts north/south of the obelisk. You need 28-32 fragments from the ghosts combined across both accounts (usually 12 on main and 16 on alt). Move your alt NW/SE of the moat by the obelisk and have your main dark bow spec your alt and telegrab it’s fragments. You must have your mainstay within the ruins. Stay by the obelisk and wait for the cap to finish, sacrifice your fragments to it, then run to your alt’s base and start damaging the Avatar. You will need to do 260 damage if you had 24 soul fragments, or 215 damage if you had 28. Have your Alt click on the portal and prepare to exit. When the timer says 12:10, leave the game and your main will acquire 19 zeal. If you are able to start games again within 10 seconds, this method profits 380 zeal/h.

Gmononkey has a helpful video walking through this method here:

If you do not have access to an alt, the best way to hunt these slots is with a group called “ZealGains”. In order to play this method with this group, join the ingame friend chat “ZealGains” and DM a rank for more specific rules.

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