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2023 A Complete Pest Control – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Pest Control – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Pest Control


A combat level of 40 is required to play novice games of pest control, though a combat level of 100+ is required to efficiently complete the log by playing veteran games.

There are 10 collection log slots in the Pest Control tabs. They are filled by successfully completing games of pet control to obtain commendation points, and purchasing these items from either the Void Knight or the Elite Void Knight. In total, 1910 points are required to purchase all items. Completion of the hard tier of the western provinces achievement diaries is necessary to upgrade to the elite void knight top and the elite void knight bottom.

From the perspective of filling the collection log slots, it’s most efficient to hunt these slots when you have a combat level of 100, allowing you to participate on the veteran boats where you recieve 5 commendation points for a successful round.

In order to receive commendation points you must maintain your activity bar and prevent it from turning red, meaning you will receive no points. Attacking portals and killing spinners give the most amount of participation, followed by attacking other monsters.

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