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2023 A Complete Castle Wars – Collection Log Guide OSRS

Castle Wars – Collection Log Guide OSRS


Castle Wars


There are no requirements to play Castle Wars.

There are 39 collection log slots in the Castle Wars tab. In order to obtain these items, games of Castle wars need to be played, and the tickets acquired from the games need to be used to purchase items. Castle wars items are famously able to be re-sold for 100% of their price. In order to fill every castle wars collection log slot 800 total tickets are required, the cost of the most expensive item “Decorative armour (gold platebody)”.

There are three ways to complete this log.

Method 1:

One method is to play games of castle wars normally or afk in castle wars games. This method will give between 2.8-7.4 tickets/h, depending on the success of the teams you join. This method will take between approximately 108-286 hours to complete the log, depending on the success of the teams you join.

Method 2:

The second method is to use one alt .This method will give 7.4 tickets/h. Enter games with the alt, score one point against your alt, and afk for the rest of the game. As Castle Wars can be played on f2p worlds, this alt does NOT need to be bonded. This method takes approximately 108 hours to complete the log.

Method 3:

The third method is to use two alts. This method will give 12.85 tickets/h, taking approximately 63 hours to complete the log. This method is outlined in Bownerator’s guide:

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