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A Complete Ironman Solo CM Cox Guide – Chambers Of Xeric – Challenge Mode – OSRS

Ironman Solo CM Cox Guide – Chambers Of Xeric – Challenge Mode – OSRS

Setup 1

Consistent No Prep Lunars – Astral, Death, Earth (Vengeance)

Setup 2

Speed run Normal – Wrath, Smoke, Cosmic (Fire Surge)


• This setup assumes skeleton task for inventory space.

• With max cape stamina boost you can swap one stamina potion for shaman task + salve or Pegasian boots.

• If you do not have Smoke Runes, you can use dust runes instead and equip Tome of Fire when trying to use Thralls.

• You can use Vengeance at the lunar altar and then switch back to regular spell book (Avoid teleporting to POH), saving the Vengeance for when you have a good first anvil Tekton or for Ice Demon.

Setup 3

Prep Lunars – Astral, Death, Earth (Vengeance)

Setup 4

Minimum Gear (Prep) Lunars – Astral, Death, Earth (Vengeance)


• It is not recommend doing solo cm if you do not have at least a bowfa.

• Arclight is for Ice Demon, it is slightly better than bowfa, but worse than a Twisted Bow.


• Weapons for Tekton: Inquisitor’s Mace > Bludgeon with Inquisitor > Scythe with Inquisitor > Elder Maul > Bludgeon no Inquisitor.

• If you are on lunars, use the Spellbook Swap spell at the bank to cast vulnerability on tekton.

• When on lunars, instead of taking vulnerability runes, you can take a hard food and 3 dose brew to take more vengeance at tekton, and heal up after for overload.

• If prepping and you do not care about points, when doing the tightrope room, you can kill rangers and then skip magers.

• If prepping you can take Trident of the Swamp instead of Sanguinesti Staff and swap Ancestral Hat for your Mage offhand.

Full Guide Video:


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