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A Complete Ironman Grotesque Guardians Guide – OSRS

Ironman Grotesque Guardians Guide – OSRS

Setup 1

Scythe of vitur Normals – Fire, Natures (High-alch)

Setup 2

Rapier Normals – Fire, Natures (High-alch)


• Upgrade gear where applicable.


Other Information


• If you do not have an SGS you will need to bring more food and less combat/prayer potions.

• Dusk’s defensive stats are all 0, so the style of your weapon does not matter.

• If using an Inquisitor’s Mace, Inquisitor armor should not be used as the accuracy increase is minimal and having the higher defense is better.

• A Heavy Ballista or any other hard hitting range weapon can be brought for the last hit before dawn transitions.

• Weapon Downgrades: Scythe of Vitur > Inquisitor’s Mace (Prayer Bonus) > Rapier = Blade of Saeldor > Abyssal Tentacle > Abyssal Whip.

• Other Gear Downgrades: Torva -> Bandos -> Torso and Obsidian Legs. Ferocious Gloves -> Barrows Gloves. Amulet of Torture -> Amulet of Fury -> Amulet of Glory. Primordial Boots -> Dragon Boots -> Rune/Climbing Boots. Infernal Cape -> Fire Cape. Avernic Defender -> Dragon Defender.


• Flicking range and melee pray on phase 1 is recommended to reduce damage taken.

• For the last phase, Dusk is more likely to repeat the same attack it last performed, so pray against the attack it previously used.

• Manually using the rock hammer to finish the kill can increase the chance of an orb skip.


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