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2023 Ironman PVM Setups – Complete Guide – OSRS

Ironman PVM Setups – Complete Guide – OSRS

Commander Zilyana Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Torag’s/Guthan’s helm is also acceptable.

Your balance of Staminas, Brews, and Restores will vary based in your gear/levels/skill.

Required God items: Saradomin-Zamorak

Boss Info

Camp protect from mage, or flick the range minion(if off ticked).

Equip Blowpipe + Serpentine Helm to venom the minions before killing Zilyana.

Kite Zilyana clockwise around the room, attacking with your crossbow off cooldown.


K”ril Tsutsaroth Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Crystal shield may be used in place of a defender if your defense is lower than 90.

Dragon Warhammer may be used in place of the Arclight as a spec weapon.

Bring a few Anglerfish if you have them.

Required God items: Saradomin-Zamorak

Boss Info

If you have a Bow of Faerdhinnen it is about on par with a twisted bow see second Video Guide for method

You should be trading your attacks 2:1 with K’ril by walking under him after attacking.

Your DPS can drop greatly if you stand under K’ril too long.

K’ril’s special attack cuts your prayer in half, so don’t camp full prayer.

Once K’ril is dead, kill the mage minion then clump the melee/ranger and blood barrage them.

Melee Guide:



General Graardor Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Karil’s top may be swapped for a barrows top if you wish to flick the mage minion.

Required God items: Zamorak-Bandos

For the range set up, prioritize range offense, then mage defense in all slots but ring.

Boss Info

You should be trading your attacks 2:1 with Graardor by walking under him after attacking.

Your DPS can drop greatly if you stand under Graardor too long.

Once Graardor is dead, kill the mage minion then clump the melee/ranger and blood barrage them.

Melee Video Guide:

Kree”arra Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Use your chins on medium fuse, this is the rapid setting.

Your balance of Brews, Restores, and Ranging potions will vary as you improve.

Red Chins will work but are not recommended.

Required God items: Zamorak-Armadyl

Average chins per kill: Black Chins – 20-25/Red Chins – 20-30

Boss Info

Protect from range.

Start kills in the South West corner to lure Flight Kilisa and Kree’arra to you.

Once lured to the corner, attack Flight Kilisa then click on Kree’arra immediately after to switch your character’s aggro. Swap back to Kilisa when you are ready to throw another Chin.

Once Flight Kilisa is dead, swap to your crossbow and bolt Kree’arra, trading 1:1 by walking under.

Once more experienced you can use the mage minion to continue chinning after Kilisa is dead.


Grotesque Guardians Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Crystal Halberd can replace DDS for potentially faster kills.

Blowpipe is highly recommended, but not required.

Boss Info

Protect from range during phases with Dawn, and melee when its just Dusk.

Dawn’s healing orbs may be skipped if you have enough DPS (Blowpipe+Rigour+High Ranging level).

Special attacks should be used on Dusk’s final stand.

Abyssal Sire Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

This guide assumes you have an ornate pool in your PoH. Killing sire is not recommended without one.

Dragon Warhammer can be taken as a spec weapon.

Access to Shadow Barrage is very important.

Boss Info

For more geared accounts see the alternate video guide for far higher kills per hour!

Wake up the Sire by using Shadow Barrage, then kill the respiratory system using your Crystal Bow.

After killing the respiratory vents teleport to your PoH and restore your stats.

Switch to your melee gear and Start phase 2 off by special attacking the Sire.

Don’t stand under the poison vents during phase 3, avoid the explosion attack.

You can Blood Barrage the spawns for HP back during the final phase if needed.

Kraken Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

The Kraken boss should not be killed for your first trident! The small ones drop it much more frequently.

Protection prayers do not work against the Kraken, but Mystic Might/Augury will boost your defense.

If you have an Imbued Heart, keep preserve on the entire trip.

Boss Info

Use your fishing explosive on the big Kraken pool to instantly wake it up!

The private instance is highly recommended as dying there will no longer cause you to lose all of your items.

Items dropped on the floor in the instance will stay there for a very long time, allowing you to easily juggle shark drops.

Cerberus Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Arclight on Stab!

Arclight is slightly better than Twisted bow with amethyst arrows.

You can perform a 2:1 attack cycle with Cerberus by walking under it. See video example for the red X method.

A note on the Guthan’s/no ghost method: Its much slower than just getting more prayer pots. By a lot.

Boss Info

Cerberus is very straight forward, hit the boss, tank the damage.

When under 400 health, Cerberus will periodically summon 3 ghosts. The color of the ghost corresponds to the prayer you need to activate before they attack.

When under 200 health, Cerberus will spawn magma pools, they are 3×3 AoE with the middle dealing more damage.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

It is highly recommended to kill(barrage) the regular Smoke Devils for your first Occult Necklace.

Imbued heart is not required, but should be brought if obtained.

Boss Info

This method utilizes Redemption+prayer potions rather than food.

Simply face tank the boss with Redemption up. Prayer pot and reactivate Redemption after it procs.



Alchemical Hydra Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Dragonhunter Crossbow is slower than Blowpipe, but much less resource intensive.

You may wear ranging boots if you have completed the Kebos Elite Diary.

Prayer is valued over range accuracy as the Alchemical Hydra has very low defense.

Boss Info

The Alchemical Hydra will switch it’s attack style every 3 attacks. Start with protecting from mage.

Lure the Alchemical Hydra onto the 3 vents in the room to lower its defenses. Red(green phase)->Green(blue phase)->Blue(red phase).

On the final phase the Alchemical Hydra will switch its attack style after every attack, as well as spit acid after 3 attacks, then every 9 after.


Crazy Archaeologist Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Only bring 3-4 items you aren’t willing to risk.

Prioritize Prayer bonus.

Bring a level 30 wilderness teleport if you have one.

Boss Info

Pray against Range.

When the Crazy Archaeologist says “Rain of Knowledge” move at least 4 tiles away to avoid his special attack.

Melee Variant

Range Variant

King Black Dragon Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Bring only 3-4 items you aren’t willing to risk.

The Wilderness Obelisks or Ghorrock Teleport are good alternatives to Burning amulets.

Boss Info

Stand in melee range, protecting from melee.

Using the instance is highly recommended to prevent crashing.

Chaos Elemental Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Only bring 3-4 items you are not willing to risk.

Blowpipe is an upgrade over the Crystal Bow.

Curry or Summer pies are better alternatives for food than wine. You can also bring sharks along with a potato sack and empty the potato sack as you eat the sharks, keeping your inventory full.

An inventory slot should be left open so that the Chaos Elemental uses his zero damage equipment removing attack.

The lockpick is used as an escape at magical axes.

Boss Info

Protect from mage.

When the Chaos Elemental uses its equipment removing attack, simply re-equip your bow and continue the fight.

Vet’ion Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Only bring 3-4 items you aren’t willing to risk.

Dragon Warhammer is strongly recommended as Vet’ion has very high defenses.

A Salve(e) is crucial.

Using a crush weapon lower tier than a Zamorakian Hasta is not recommended.

Boss Info

Vet’ion can be lured and flinched like the other Wilderness bosses.


Venenatis Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Only bring 3-4 items you aren’t willing to risk.

Your cannon will not be lost when PK’d as long as it is placed on the ground.

Slayer helm if on task.

Boss Info

Pray against mage.

After setting up your cannon simply bolt the Venenatis while using Vengence on cooldown.

Venenatis must be located in the multi-combat zone otherwise she will take significantly reduced damage!

You may attack her from singles as long as she is in multi-combat.

Melee Variant

Range Variant

Callisto Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Check your protected items!!

Only take 3-4 items you aren’t willing to risk.

Maximize range bonus as you will be flinching Callisto.

Slayer helm if on task.

Boss Info

Callisto may be lured and safespotted like the other wilderness bosses.


Zalcano Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Your food/stamina ratio will vary based on how much you pay attention.

You should prioritize prayer and use preserve if you have a dragon pickaxe (special attack).

HP cape + Regen bracelet are upgrades.

A rune pouch may be brought to store the runes Zalcano drops.

Mining cape should be used over HP cape.

Boss Info

Mine Tephra from the glowing rock then refine them on the furnace and imbue them at the alter.

Wait until the Zalcano does the orange/red circle attack to throw your Tephra. Stand in the Blue circles.

Wintertodt Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

You should have at least a steel axe. Iron/bronze axes chop 1 tick slower.

The hammer, tinderbox, and knife can all be found in the Wintertodt lobby.

Cheap food should be used here.

Boss Info

Chop logs and deposit them into the brazier.

Fletch only when you need/want more points. It is less firemaking XP per hour to fletch.

Pay attention to the Brazier status. You get free construction/firemaking xp and points for fixing it!

Hespori Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Crystal Halberd is a good alternative to the DDS as it allows you to skip flower phases if you hit high enough.

Blowpipe is an upgrade over shortbows purely due to its increased attack speed.

Darts are an upgrade over shortbows but have less range.

Boss Info

Protect from Mage.

Attack the boss until the flowers bloom, then switch to your shortbow and hit all of the flowers once(it will always OHKO them).

Don’t forget to plant another Hespori seed!

Fight Caves Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

A granite shield may be used in place of the Crystal Shield.

A tank helm may be used in place of a God coif.

Blood spells may be taken to heal if you’re uncomfortable with the waves.

Karil’s Crossbow is an upgrade over RCB/Crystal Shield.

Your Potion:Food ratio may vary depending on your prayer flicking ability.

Pineapple pizzas are an easy source of high HP/slot food.

Boss Info

Jad is not difficult, but keeping your nerves in check is. Take a deep breath and try to calm down before beginning the final wave.

Inferno Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Unlocking Rigour is strongly recommended.

Downgrades from this set up are not recommended for first time capes.

The bolt pouch contains diamond and ruby bolts.

Your potion ratio will vary depending on your skill.

Two ranging potions should be brought after reaching Zuk for the first time.

Time spent getting an ACB could be spent learning the inferno. If you have it, good, but don’t go out of your way for it if the inferno is your goal.

Boss Info

Check out inferno for discussions and help with the waves and Zuk.

You can do this. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics, its the best way to improve!


Quest Variant

First 50 Variant

Post-Lance Slayer Variant

Vorkath Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Swap to diamond bolts when Vorkath reaches about 35% HP.

Karambwans may be brought as combo food.

A slayer staff may be brought to auto-cast crumble undead.

Boss Info

To maximize DPS you should try to only eat when Vorkath freezes you, or during the acid walk(if not Woox walking).

Galvek Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Use ruby bolts until Galvek is at around 200HP.

Any 1 click teleport can replace the Royal Seedpod.

Boss Info

1st Phase

Protect from Mage.

Avoid the bombs placed by Galvek, they are 3×3 and will one shot you.

Move 2 tiles away from your current location when Galvek launches his fire ball attack.

2nd Phase

Protect from Mage.

Bolt Galvek until the 3rd phase.

3rd Phase

Protect from Range.

When Galvek uses the wave attack, stand in the row with a gap. Getting hit by the waves is instant death.

4th Phase

Protect from Range.

Walk in circles around the arena to avoid Galvek’s binding attack. It does no damage but leaves you open for the next fire ball attack.


Seren Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Brews aren’t necessary but may help those with lower magic levels.

You should maximize magic accuracy as much as possible.

Be sure to drink 3 brew doses, then restore afterwards to keep a proper ratio and stats high.

Boss Info

Pray Range and Mystic Might.

When Seren teleports you to her, simply walk away from her to avoid the melee attack.

When Seren spawns copies of herself, attack the lightest color one to continue the fight.

When Seren spawns her healing crystals, swap to your darts to quickly kill them all. One hit will OHKO them.

After clearing the crystal spawns keep your HP near full, then when she teleports you for her unblockable attack, eat up to or over your max HP.

Dagannoth King Rex Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Prioritize range defense.

Granite Shield can be replaced with a Rune Kiteshield

Glory can be replaced with Power Amulet.

Boss Info

In order to get to Rex without fighting Prime or Supreme you must enter when both are away from the Southern wall. Hug the southern wall and make your way to the eastern most part of the room. This may take several tries.

Rex can be easily safespotted by following this visualization of the DK’s aggro range:

Dagannoth Kings Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Your potion/food ratios will vary based on your gear.

Upgrades like an Occult necklace and Toxic trident will make your kills much smoother.

You should spec with the Blowpipe when you need HP.

Boss Info

To start the trip you should enter the room ideally with only Prime and or Supreme aggro’d to you. Stay away from Rex. Flick mage/range.

Kill Prime, then Supreme, then Rex.

Be careful to space apart the kills evenly to allow yourself time for bad RNG on subsequent kills.


Giant Mole Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

It is not recommended to kill the Giant Mole without at least the Falador Hard Diary completed!

Crystal halberd can replace the DDS as a spec weapon.

Your stamina/prayer potion ratio may vary.

Boss Info

Locator orb/rock cake down to 1 HP, protect from melee and start hitting the boss.

Follow the mole around using the Falador shield.

Sarachnis Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Zamorakian Hasta is better than an Abyssal Whip.

Dragon Claws may replace the DDS as a spec weapon.

The Wilderness sword will never fail to cut through webs.

Boss Info

As you progress through the fight, Sarachnis will summon spawns that deal range and magic damage. Ignore these.

Switch from melee pray to range pray after Sarachnis webs you and retreats. Switch back to melee pray when back in melee distance.

Kalphite Queen Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Set your Zamorakian Hasta to crush.

Pre-pot super set + ranging potion.

You should focus on bringing minimal switches in order to bring more food for extra kills.

Anguish/Torture switches are worth taking if you have them.

Boss Info

Use Vengeance on cooldown.

Protect from mage during the first phase.

Swap to your range gear for the 2nd phase. What you pray doesn’t matter so pick range or mage.

If you need to eat, walk under the Kalphite Queen to avoid taking damage.

Corporeal Beast Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Use crush bonus gear for Dragon Warhammer specs.

Switch to slash bonus gear for Arclight specs.

Switch to strength bonus gear for BGS specs and the rest of the kill.

Boss Info

This method will lower the Corporeal Beast’s stats all to 0, making the actual boss fight very afk.

Pray Mage and Piety at all times.

Dragon Warhammer Spec(successfully) 3x, Arclight spec(sucessfully) 14x, then use Monster Examine to check Corp’s stats.

If Corp’s attack/strength are at or very close to zero then proceed to the next step.

Switch to your BGS and do 200 total damage. Corp should now have 0 magic level.

Switch to your Zamorakian Spear and kill Corp.


More Efficient Games Neck Example:

The Nightmare Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Unless tanking the boss wear a torso.

The only mage gear worth bringing is %dmg increase equipment.

Spec Weapons: SGS (healing/prayer) > DWH (1 per team, 1 per phase) > Dragon Claws (parasites)

Boss Info

Play with in-game sounds on to hear the attacks. Range attack you hear clicking, default mage prayer unless tanking.

Assign yourself a corner between phases to insure all walkers are killed.

Mage pillars for max DPS.

Skotizo Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

You will be praying against Melee, so d’hide is recommended to increase magic defense.

You may want to bring an extra super energy depending on how high your melee stats are.

Arclight or a DDS may be used as your spec weapons. Spec immediately with both.

Skotizo may be killed on task for either Black demons or Greater demons.

Boss Info

As the fight progresses, alters will spawn in the 4 walls of the room. Kill them with the Arclight once more than 2 have spawned.

If you have high melee stats(90+) you can ignore the alters and just keep hitting Skotizo.

Mimic Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Melee gear is purely for dumping DDS specs at the start of the fight.

Boss Info

Start the fight by dumping all of your DDS specs into the Mimic.

Switch to your mage gear and pray melee against the Mimic.

If you cannot out DPS the Mimic, then kite it around the room and pray range against it’s minions.

Barrows Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Use Morytania legs 3 or 4 for a TP if you have it.

Use the Shades of Morton minigame TP to return to Barrows. Use the fairy ring code: BIP and run back when its on cooldown.

Use DDS specs on Ahrim.

Trident is a direct upgrade over Iban’s staff.

The Barrow’s TP is the best method of getting to Barrows, requiring 83 magic.

Boss Info

Diary Kill Variant

Pre-Fangs Variant

Zulrah Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

The Anguish and Occult Necklaces are huge upgrades.

A Crystal Shield may be used in place of an offensive offhand.

Your slayer helm should be imbued otherwise it will not give +3 mage/range bonus.

Boss Info

Zulrah has 4 different rotation patterns. Memorizing these is the key to mastering Zulrah

It is recommended that you learn just one rotation at a time. Log out when you don’t get the rotation you memorized.

Zulrah Helper web app:

A similar tool can be found in the RuneLite plugin hub under “Zulrah Plugin”


Demonic Gorillas Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

Additional switches can include: Anguish/Torture and Torso.

A restore is included if you want to use the brews dropped by the Gorillas.

RCB is worse than MSB with rune arrows.

Boss Info

Demonic Gorillas will swap prayers once they reach a certain HP threshold.

When choosing between what to pray (when a Gorilla is about to change attacks) prioritize mage, then range.

Revenants Ironman PVM Setup

Gear Info

You should be skulled while killing revenants. As such ALWAYS KEEP PROTECT FROM ITEM ACTIVE!

Impling boxes are optional, but provide safer, longer trips. Use them to bank coins from alchemized items.

If you are not comfortable with being skulled with a blowpipe(revs is singles), then an msb(i) with amethyst arrows is an acceptable replacement at the revenant demon and pyrefiend.

Boss Info

The safest monster to kill is the low level Orc

The higher level wildy the mob the more likely you are to encounter PKers, though uniques are most common from the knight and dragon.

Utilizing world hopping can improve kills per hour by up to 40%

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