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Zulrah – A Good Strategy For Good Profit 2023

Zulrah – a good strategy for good profit 2023

Zulrah is a popular boss due to its considerably low requirements to kill and good, consistent runescape gold per hour. According to Old School RuneScape Wiki, single kill of Zulrah will earn you approximately 160k gold. Once you will get skilled with Zulrah mechanics, you can expect to make from 2M to 3.8M gp per hour which could easily earn you 10M  per day by spending just 3-5 hours after school or work.There is a 1/256 chance to hit unique drop table, which you can reduce to 1/128 because of cool Zulrah feature to always give you double drop. There are 4 unique drops you might get which are listed below with current (2019 February) G.E. prices:

Tanzanite fang currently sells for 5M
Magic fang currently sells for 4.5M
 Serpentine visage currently sells for 5M
 Uncut Onyx currently sells for 3M

Because of this double drop feature you can even hope for double unique drop to get that juicy 10M  in single kill:

Another cool feature about Zulrah is that even if you die during combat, you will be able to retrieve your lost stuff with no cost, which is not an option for such solo bosses like Alchemical Hydra or Vorkath. This means that you can practice your skills with very low cost, even if you will be dying a lot at the beginning.

The main requirement to unlock killing Zulrah will be

quest, which additionally requires 56 Agility and subquests like Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City. Without Regicide quest completed you won’t be able to use teleportation methods near to Zul-andra area.
Combat requirements:

Combat levels to kill Zulrah are more recommended than required as even “pure” players with 1 defence are killing Zulrah for money. Even though, high Magic and Ranged level will really help to speed up your kills and we highly recommend having at least these combat levels: 80+ Magic; 75+ Ranged; 70+ Defence; 40+ Prayer (

40 is required
to use magic and ranged prayer protections).
Gear setup: Bellow you can find 3 different gear setups to kill Zulrah.First gear setup: First equipment setup is the least effective, but also the cheapest. This setup will only cost you around 12M old school gold. If you are looking for items names to buy them on G.E, here is the list:Weapons:
Trident of the swamp (magic) and Toxic blowpipe (ranged).
Head slot:
Farseer helm (could be swapped for mystic hat if you don’t have Fremenink trials done).
Mystic robes (mage), any Blessed d’hide armor (ranged).
Shield slot:

Book of darkness.

Gloves slot:
Barrows gloves (could be swapped to combat braclet).
Jewelry slot:

Occult necklace (mage), Amulet of glory (ranged), Ring of recoil

Cape slot:
Any God cape, I am wearing Zamorakian on this example.
Second gear setup:
This setup is enough to kill Zulrah effectively, I am using this setup to this day when I want to make some extra old school runescape money  or when I run out of scales for my blowpipe and I don’t feel like I want to buy it from G.E. This gear will cost you around 63M gp. Items list:
Trident of the swamp (magic) and Toxic blowpipe (ranged).
Ahrim’s armors with Eternal boots (mage), Karil’s armors (ranged).
Head slot:
Ahrim’s hood.
Shield slot:
Malediction ward.
Gloves slot:
Barrows gloves (could be swapped with Granite gloves).
Occult necklace (mage), Necklace of anguish (ranged), Ring o suffering (charged with Recoil rings), any Blessing for arrows slot, I am using Unholy blessing for this example.
Cape slot:
any God cape imbued (mage); any Arrows assembler (ranged).
Third gear setup: This is the best possible gear to kill Zulrah which will cost you over 500M gp and will result in very fast kills. But please note that you need to be very skilled to use such equipment to full potential, therefore I would recommend sticking with second gear setup before you master Zulrah or upgrade your gear by buying most effective parts, like Bracelet of torture and Imbued heart which will increase your magic damage by 10%.  Items list:Weapons:
Trident of the swamp (magic) and Toxic blowpipe (ranged).
Ancestral robes (mage), Armadyl armors (ranged).
Boots slot:
Eternal boots (mage), Pegasian boots (ranged).
Head slot:
Ancestral hat (mage), Armadyl helmet (ranged).
Shield slot:
Arcane spirit shield.
Gloves slot:
Tormented bracelet (mage), Barrows gloves (ranged).
Occult necklace (mage), Necklace of anguish (ranged), Ring of suffering (charged with Recoil rings), any Blessing for arrows slot.
Cape slot:
any God cape imbued (mage), any arrows assembler (ranged).
key consumables will be your best affordable food, Super restores, Prayer potions, Ranging potions, saradomin brews, Anti-Venom+, teleportation methods to Zul-Andra and bank just like displayed in previous setup images. Although, I wouldn’t recommend bringing any sara brews at the beginning of practice. Saradomin brews will extend your trips by increasing your kill counts per trip, but at first just take your best food, make your first kill, get comfortable with mechanics. You will feel when you are ready for extended trips with sara brews. For blowpipe I recommend using Adamant darts as they are most effective for the price range.
Other useful items you should! consider buying:Serpentine helm
: This item will make you immune to Zulrah venom poison which will result in 1 free inventory space and less items to be switched between (head slot). The downside of it is that your kills will become slower. This helm currently sells for 5M.
Sanguinesti staff:
If you can afford it, this staff from Theatre of Blood is a much better alternative than Trident of the swamp, because you won’t be able to make use of Trident’s special poisoning effect as Zulrah is immune to poison while Sanguinesti’s life leaching effect and +2 damage points will help you to make your kills even easier. This staff currently sells for 160M gold at oldschool runescape G.E.
Imbued heart:
This item could be used before each fight to increase your magic damage by 1-3 points. This magic boosting item currently sells for 21M gp.
Getting there:
There are two efficient ways to get to Zulrah. First one is to use fairy rings with code B*J*S. Although this will require 76 agility to get through stepping stone (71 agility with summer pie boost). The other way is to use Zul-Andra teleport which can be bought at G.E. for approximately 20k gp. Both locations are displayed below:
Zulrah Mechanics:
There are 2 main concepts for killing Zulrah you will need to learn.

Zulrah Forms
Zulrah Rotations.

Zulrah forms: Zulrah has 3 different forms with unique strengths and weaknesses which are:

Green form (ranger). Which is using ranged attack and is vulnerable to magic attacks, therefore you should always use ranged prayer protection and attack him with your magic attack (Trident of the swamp).
Red form (mele). Use your mage gear to fight mele Zulrah, she can hit up to 40+ and stun you after using some wiggle animation which is her special attack. Important! When she starts to wiggle you just need to step 1 square away from your previous location and she will miss her hit. When she wiggles, just imagine a rattlesnake warning you to move away from your current spot. You could also hide behind two pillars which will absorb the attack, but check rotations map first!
Blue form (cancer mage). You will need to use protection mage against this form and use your blowpipe as she is vulnerable to ranged attacks. But I named this form as cancer not without a reason. You need to protect mage because she is using this combat style most often and hit the hardest, but sometimes she will hit with ranged attacks for which there are no way to protect from. No matter how skilled you are, the main reason for your deaths at Zulrah will be those repetitive ranged attacks from blue form, that’s how she earned her name as cancer mage.

These forms are displayed below: Rotations: There are 4 different rotations you will need to recognize at the start of the instance. All rotations start with green (Ranger) form in the middle of instance and you will always start the fight by standing in North East corner just like displayed below: I recommend setting your camera facing south just as showed in previous picture. This will give you best vision around instance and will make it easier to understand rotations map. Rotations map: As mentioned before, there are 4 rotations which in picture below are represented as column “Alpha”; “Bravo”; “Charlie” and “Delta”. Each Rotation, or column, starts from top and moves downwards after certain amount of time. Purple dot indicates location where you should stand during each step of it. First form is always green (ranger) and the second form after will determine which rotation you will need to follow, in my case I got blue form on step 2 just like displayed below:

Which means I received


rotation, therefore I will switch to my ranger gear and pray mage to fight cancer mage form. Once she will lay down beneath, I will move to

step 3

on rotation “Delta” which tells me to move south north (indicated in rotation map by purple dot) where I’ll be fighting green (ranger) form Zulrah, which means I will switch to my mage gear and turn protection mage on, on

step 4

I will be fighting mage form with my range gear again, on

step 5

will be hiding behind pillars (indicated by grey dots) from mele Zulrah attacks while dealing damage with my mage gear setup and so on. On

step 11

you will face

green JAD Zulrah
, which you will still need to fight with your mage gear on, but this time you will need to flick between mage and ranged prayers for each attack Zulrah makes. Just as indicated in “Delta” column step 11, you will start by praying mage, then switch to ranged protection after Zulrah makes single attack, then back to protection mage and so on until step is finished. After step 12, rotation will restart, and you will start rotatoions from the beginning.
Additional information: During the fight, Zulrah will be spawning venom clouds and minions known as snakelings which can deal up to 15+ damage. To protect against snakelings it is SUPER IMPORTANT to bring Ring of recoil or Ring of suffering charged with Rings of recoil, because snakelings will kill themselves after hitting you as they have only 1 hitpoint. Also it is vital to have anti-venom+ potion ready (or wield Serpentine helm), otherwise you will get poisoned by venom clouds and Zulrah’s mage/range attacks. Clouds will still deal damage to you even if you’re using anti-venom+ potion or Serpentine helm, these tools will only protect you from getting poisoned. Venom is a much stronger form than regular poison.