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Vorkath OSRS Money Making Guide

In-Depth Vorkath OSRS Money Making Guide Taking on Runescape’s firecest and most profitable dragon players can make upwards of 3 Million RuneScape gold per hour.

But Beware as Vorkath's attacks such as the acid pool quickfire barrage, instant-kill dragonfire, and suicide spawn can each kill players almost immediately!

Vortax RuneScape NPC Only those brave enough to stand up to the challenge can reap his great rewards! Here on, you receive the most in-depth knowledge and guides on how to make your RuneScape Fortune!


To take on Runescape’s firecest and the most profitable dragon, players need to have completed the Grandmaster Quest Dragon Slayer 2 that requires the levels:

75 Magic
70 Smithing
68 Mining
62 Crafting
60 Agility
60 Thieving
50 Construction
50 Hitpoints

Choosing Your Vorkath Slaying Method

When Slaying Vorkath in OSRS, three different strategies are available, each depending on your preferred style of attack between Range or Melee and your available OSRS gold.

The cheapest method is a method using the toxic blowpipe as your main hand weapon and the Bandos Godsword’s special attack. Toxic blowpipe

The Mid-priced method is another ranged method using the Dragon Hunter Crossbow (see picture below). Dragon Hunter Crossbow

It is the most common method as it can obtain some of the highest kills per hour without being as click intensive as the melee method.

The melee method uses the Dragon Hunter Lance and the Bandos Godsword. This method can obtain the same high kills per hour but is slightly more click intensive than the Dragon Hunter Crossbow method.

How to Kill Vorkath Using The Dragon Hunter Crossbow


To maximize your kills per hour, as well as to earn as much rsgp as possible, a player should have the prayer Rigour unlocked or at least a prayer level of around 70+ to make sure the least sips of prayer potions are taken.

85+ Range is important as the number of kills obtainable greatly decreases before this level. 75+ Defence is also highly recommended.

An Ornate rejuvenation pool in your player-owned house is highly recommended to restore your health, prayer, special attack, and remove any other debuffs you may have. The Void Knight Gear is worth the time acquired due to its high damage output paired with a solid defense level.

One of the most important Items of all is the Salve Amulet (ei). Salve Amulet (ei)

This Amulet is Obtainable through the Haunted Mine quest; it gives a 15% boost to Attack and Strength against undead monsters (unenchanted).

Its enchantment is obtainable through the Tarn’s Lair mini-quest, which boosts its damage to undead monsters up to a total of 20%.

The Imbue can be acquired by spending 800,000 Nightmare zone points in the Nightmare zone point shop. This imbue allows the 15% or 20% boost to be applied to magic and ranged attacks as well.


Max Gear:

Head - Void Ranger Helm
Neck - Salve Amulet (ei)
Cape - Ava’s Assembler
Body - Elite Void Top
Legs - Elite Void Top
Weapon - Dragon Hunter Crossbow
Off Hand - Dragonfire Ward
Ammunition - Ruby Dragon Bolts (e) and Diamond Dragon Bolts (e)
Gloves - Void Knight Gloves
Boots - Pegasian Boots
Ring - Archers Ring (i)
Special Attack - Toxic Blowpipe

Alternative Gear:

Head - Slayer Helmet / Armadyl Helmet / Blessed Coif / Serpentine Helmet
Neck - Necklace of Anguish / Amulet of Fury / Amulet of Glory / Amulet of Power
Cape - Ava’s Accumulator / Ava’s Attractor / Ranging Max Cape
Body - Armadyl Chestplate / Karil’s leathertop / Blessed Body / Black Dragonhide Top
Legs - Armadyl Chainskirt / Karil’s leatherskirt / Blessed Chaps / Black Dragonhide Chaps
Weapon - Armadyl Crossbow / Rune crossbow / Dragon Crossbow
Off Hand - Anti-Dragon Shield / Odium Ward
Ammunition - Ruby Bolts (e) and Diamond Bolts (e)
Gloves - Barrows Gloves / Ranger Gloves / Blessed Vambraces
Boots - Ranger Boots / Blessed Boots / Snakeskin Boots
Ring - Archers Ring / Ring Of Suffering (i) / Brimstone Ring / Ring of the Gods (i)
Special Attack - Armadyl Crossbow / Dragon Crossbow

Inventory Setup:

Ammo switch Eg. Ruby Dragon Bolts (e) and Diamond Dragon Bolts (e)
Toxic blowpipe for Special Attack
1 Anti-venom+
3-4 Prayer potions
Rune pouch with dust runes, law runes, and chaos runes
Divine ranging potion or Bastion potion
Extended super antifire (regular extended antifire works, but is less effective)
Food (Sharks or better, preferably Manta rays for longer trips)

Guthix rest allows you to heal small amounts of health without losing ticks, otherwise Cooked karambwan is useful for combo eating at low HP.

A teleportation method is needed such as using somebody else’s Player Own House on world 330, set your Player Owned House to Rimmington or Yanille, teleport to outside your player-owned house with a house tablet using the runes in your rune pouch or max cape/construction cape, then enter a host’s house at that location and use their ornate rejuvenation pool.

This method requires a way of returning to Vorkath that doesn’t depend on a Rellekka Player Owned House teleport. It is also possible to use your Player Owned House with a pool.

To do this, you must teleport to your player-owned house with a house tablet using runes in your rune pouch or max cape/construction cape next use an ornate rejuvenation pool.

If elite Fremennik Diary is completed, banking can be done by teleporting to a nearby bank (through a Seers’ Village portal or ring of dueling in a basic jewelry box, for example), and Fremennik sea boots 4 provide a fast unlimited teleport back to Rellekka.

If the elite Fremennik Diary is not completed, but Dream Mentor is completed, players may teleport to Lunar Isle through a portal and bank with ’Birds-Eye’ Jack, then talk to any other person to get kicked off back to Rellekka. It is also possible to use the Clan Wars Free For All portal to restore your stats and bank.

The first teleport to Clan Wars with a ring of dueling, use the Clan Wars bank to re-gear and enter the Free For All portal. Then, return to Vorkath using Fremennik sea boots 4, or teleporting to POH located in Rellekka.

This method does not restore special attack and resets any stats (boosted or drained) upon exiting.

Tip: Players may use their antifire and stat boost potions at a bank if planning on single kill trips to create more room for food.

Tip: If you find yourself miss clicking on Teleport to House often while trying to cast Crumble Undead, consider switching dust runes to air runes and using house tablets or a Construction cape to teleport back to your player-owned house.

Fighting Vorkath

Protection Prayers

Protection Prayers should always be set on to do this easily bind your prayers (including Eagle Eye / Rigor) to the quick prayer button.

Fighting Vorkath Use Protect from Magic if using Melee, a Toxic blowpipe or, the Book of law and Super antifire potion. Use Protect from Missiles if using a crossbow along with a Dragonfire ward, Dragonfire shield or Anti-dragon shield, and Super antifire potion.

Switching Crossbow Bolts

Switch from Ruby Dragon Bolts (e) to Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) when Vorkath reaches 265 Health for the quickest and most effective kill.

Vorkath Attacks

Vorkath has two main phases where he makes random six normal attacks, then one Special attack that alternates between his Suicide Spawn and Acid pool Quickfire. Vorkath Attacks

These are difficult attacks to learn, but once learned, it is easy to pick up on and make a large sum of money very quickly!

Normal Attacks:

Pink Dragon Fire turns off prayer, so remember to turn it back on using your quick prayer.
Green Dragon Fire Poisons, so make sure you have an Anti-poison activated at all times.
Orange Insta-kill vertical dragonfire lob will one-shot you, so make sure to back at least two spaces away.
Spike Ball Attack is Vorkath’s ranged attack, so if your build doesn’t include protection from missiles, be prepared to eat.
Normal Dragonfire attack will deal big damage if you don’t have a super antifire on at all times.

Special Attacks:

Vorkath will become invulnerable, freeze you, and spawn a Suicide Spawn, to one-shot you unless it is hit with the spell crumble undead.
Vorkath spits acid pools onto the ground that heals him and damages you if stepped on after this, he will begin to shoot dragon fire behind you so you must begin to walk back and forth around five tiles to stay alive until the phase ends.

Tip: Players can turn off their run energy for the acid pool phase (Many players choose to keep it off for the whole fight).