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OSRS CoX Guide – Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1)

Chambers of Xeric Beginners Guide

Chambers of Xeric, also known as CoX for short or Raids 1 is  very first raid that was ever released. Which would soon be followed by raids 2 and 3,

CoX can be found within Mount Quidamortem, to the far west of Zeah. When creating a raid, players will have the ability to select between two raid sizes; normal and large. The raid is made up of numerous different types of rooms, this includes; Floor entrance and Exit, Puzzle rooms, Combat rooms, Scavenger rooms and rooms. A normal raid will consist of between 5 and 6 Combat/Puzzle rooms, while large raids will consist of between 7 and 8. Normal raid size is usually favoured among players as it results in the best points per hour which results in a higher likelihood of increased hourly profit.

The Combat Rooms consist of Vespula, Vasa Nistirio, Vanguards, Shamans, Skeletal Mystics, Tekton, the Muttadiles and Guardians. While Puzzle rooms include Crabs, Tightrope, Ice Demon and Corrupted Scavenger (Thieving).



Recommended Gear Setup

Follow the Recommended Gear Setups below. If you are heading in as a learner you can remove some of the accuracy based switches from the max setup to make room for more food. These include; range helm, range boots and book of the dead.

Note; do not under any circumstances use tri-void (all 3 void helms) for raids. It is significantly less dps than other alternatives, including the minimum recommended setup from below.

Stab weapon required when using scythe (for Vasa crystal)



CoX Combat Room Resources


Tekton uses Melee attacks during the fight. He can hit high even through protect from melee. However, his attacks are completely avoidable. As the attacks can only be dealt in the direction he is facing, meaning players can make use of running from corner to corner to avoid his standard attacks, as shown in the attached image.

tekton guide

This method works best with a 4-tick weapon such as the dragon hunter lance or abyssal tentacle. Remember if you are using lance to put it on crush, only for tekton as the boss is weak to crush. If using scythe just attempt to follow your team mates without missing hits, if this means tanking a hit it is usually fine to do so. Keep your scythe set to slash if using Bandos/Torva and crush if using Inq.

Tekton has a high defence level. So making use of your Dragon Warhammer or BGS specs here is important. If you are BGSing it is optimal to spec after your team mates have warhammered.

If and when Tekton does return to the anvil, he will begin to rejuvenate a small amount of Hp and Defence. He will be unattackable in the meanwhile and begin using a 3×3 AoE (area of effect) attack, which can deal between 10-20 damage if you are hit. Simply spread out from your team mates and move 2 squares away each time you see the sparks.


Vespula’s room consists of her, four lux grubs and an abyssal portal. In order to kill Vespula and proceed to the next room the portal must be destroyed.

Before entering, drink a stamina and ranging potion. Set your quick prayers to redemption and rigour or eagle eye. Enter the room with quick prayer enabled and instantly attack the portal. Once you have done this you will need to run one square behind the grub (as shown in the clip above). If your redemption procs then you will need to sip super restore or sanfew, re-enable quick prayers and keep attacking. Repeat this until the portal dies.

If any of the grubs have HP bars you will need to feed them in higher scales (usually 5 players and above). One person grabs three medivaemia blossoms and spam clicks the grub with the hp bar to feed. If you fail to do this in time then a vespine soldier will spawn, just blowpipe it till it lands on the floor then melee it to kill it.



Vasa Nistirio

Vasa will be need to be awaken by the player approaching. Once he is woken up he will immediately summon a fire barrier at the entrance and perform his teleport attack.

During the teleport, half of the players in the room will be teleported next to him and unable to move, the remaining will be teleported to the outer edges of his arena. Those teleported to the edges will need to run in and stand within 3 tiles of vasa using protect from magic to prevent damage (alternatively you can tank the damage while venging – this is not advised for beginners).

After the teleport attack is done, pray range + rigour and attack with crossbow or twisted bow. Vasa will begin to throw rocks that can deal damage if you are anywhere near them in a 3×3 AoE radius.

Vasa will begin pathing to a chosen crystal that will also be lit up and glowing. You should also path towards the same crystal while attacking. Once vasa reaches the chosen crystal you will need to switch to melee gear with a stab weapon and attack the crystal until it dies. Then continue to range vasa again until it dies or reaches the next crystal. If Vasa does a second teleport repeat the same process.




There are three Vanguards in the room, one for each corresponding attack style – mage, range and melee. The most important part of this room is to evenly distribute damage through-out the room. In teams of five and more the vanguards hit-points can not differ between 33.3% or they will reset to 100% hp. In teams of four or fewer this value is set at 40%.

In teams you will want to evenly distribute the number of people in the raid amongst the vanguards alive. But, in standard trios one person following each vanguard is ideal. You will need to follow the vanguard you are on as during the room the vanguard can dig and move position at random (between 20 and 40 ticks). You will also want to deal damage from the outer edges of the room, to ensure you do not catch aggro for other vanguards.

Attack your vanguard with the opposite style in the combat triangle. Deal range damage to the mage vanguard. Deal melee damage to the range vanguard and deal mage damage to the melee vanguard. This can be seen in the image above.

The Muttadiles

The basics of this room are to simply dps the baby Muttadile until it dies and then kill the mother Muttadile. However, once each of the muttadiles reach a certain threshold of hp they will retreat to the Meat Tree and begin to eat and gain hp back. During this time you will be unable to deal damage until they have finished eating.

Blowpipe is best to use on small Muttadile, and twisted bow on the big Muttadile.

To deal with the Muttadiles there are two affective methods currently used.


When each of the muttadiles reach 40% hp you simply freeze them to prevent them from eating the meat tree. Barrage is usually used for the small mut and a ZGS for the big Muttadile. This method is best used in alted raids


Use any axe to cut the meat tree until it dies. Ideally you should use a bronze axe so that it can be dropped when the tree dies. While chopping when you receive an exp drop you can sang/trident the baby Muttadile to lower its health to 40% then stop attacking. When the tree dies both Muttadiles will be unable to replenish their hp at the tree so you can quickly kill both. This is best used in un-alted raids where the average wc of the team is above 60.




The Guardians room is very simple to complete. When you enter the room you will see two stone guardians, they are immune to all damage that is not a pickaxe. Crystal and Dragon are the most effective in terms of damage per second. However, if you forget your pickaxe, you can find a permanent iron pickaxe spawn near the Guardians. Your max hit will also scale with your mining lvl, so it is beneficial to have high mining in this room.

The method used to kill them relies on flinching, and can be seen in the video above. This helps avoid their falling rocks attack which can damage the player. In addition to avoiding some of their melee attacks.

Skeletal Mystics

Skeletal Mystics are another very easy room to complete. Simple pray protect from magic and attack them with your best available range weapon. The twisted bow is fine here. There will be multiple Mystics so attack one at a time to ensure you are not taking unnecessary damage from multiple npcs.

Lizardman Shamans

For Shamans use protect from range and a Twisted Bow or a crossbow to kill them. When you see the shaman shoot a large green ball you will need to run three tiles away. When you see him summon purple minions, avoid them or they explode and deal around 10 damage.



Puzzle Room Resources


To complete the room simply kill the mobs on the surrounding sides of the tightrope before crossing. Protect from mage against the magers and protect from range against the rangers. Use twisted bow or blowpipe on magers and use blowpipe on rangers. Kill each npc one at a time to ensure you are tanking the minimal amount of damage at any one time.

Once dead simply cross the rope (if you have the agility level – at least one person in the team will have the ability to). Retrieve the keystone crystal and use it to dispel the shimmering barrier.

Crab Room

To solve crabs you must bounce an orb off the crabs into the crystals. The orb will always turn clockwise when it bounces off a crab. You must change the orbs color to the opposite color of the target crystal. You can change the colour of the orb by bouncing it off a colored crab. You colour crabs by using different combat styles as demonstrated:

You will need to smash the crabs in place with a Dragon Warhammer, or if you do not have one you can find a regular hammer spawn in the room.



Ice Demon

To attack the ice demon you will first need to warm it by lighting any (or multiple) of the four braziers with kindling. The room will contain a tinderbox and bronze axe spawn, so be sure to grab these at the start of the room and begin chopping an inventory of kindling. You can use the nearby chest to deposit your items into private.

Once you have put enough kindling into the braziers (no fm required), re-gear at the chest. Pray protect from range and kill the Ice Demon. It is optimal to spec with DWH then use #range (crossbow or twisted bow) to kill the ice demon. It is also weak to fire spells so having at least one person on fire surge can be beneficial. Ice Demon will throw rocks at you so be sure to move two tiles to dodge this attack.

Corrupted Scavenger (Thieving Room)

When you arrive in the room immediately bank everything in private storage. Then begin to steal grubs from the chests until you have 10-15 grubs. Dump grubs in the trough and continue stealing and feeding until the room is complete and the scavenger moves from blocking the exit.

Having a lockpick is recommended although not necessary, as it will increase your opening time of chests significantly. 95+ thieving is also optimal as the minimum amount of grubs per chest is 2 at this level.



The Great Olm Fight

In traditional team sizes olm has a total of four phases. However, for every 8th player this adds one additional standard phase. Olm consists of three attackable npcs; the head and both his right and left claws. During the fight he can attack with a range of different methods, which we will cover first

Standard Olm Attacks

His first attack to consider is a mage or range auto-attack. The magic attack is a green fire projectile, while the ranged is a chunk of crystals, be sure to pray accordingly through-out the fight. He also has the ability to send a coloured sphere to a player. When fired at the player it will reduce your prayer by half and disable your protection prayers. If you do not pray accordingly this will reduce your hitpoints by approximately 50%.

Red = protect from melee.
Green = protect from missiles.
Purple = protect from magic.

Olm’s Special Attacks

If the left hand is in its attackable form then olm will also cycle through these following special attacks. They occur in the order as seen below and each one is followed after 2 regular auto-attacks.

Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal under the players current tile. If you do not move within a few seconds the crystal will grow and deal significant damage to you.
Lightning: Bolts of lightning will spawn on random rows and begin to run north or south through-out olms chamber. If you get caught by one it will deal moderate damage and hold you in place for a few seconds.
Teleport Swap: Olm will pick someone for you to pair up with. If you do not stand on the same tile to them then you will be teleported to the tile they are on. more damage is dealt based on how far away you are from the person.
Healing: This can only occur on the final standard phase (phase 3). During this special any damage dealt to the melee hand will actually heal the melee hand.



Phase Specific Attacks

Olm has a range of phase-unique attacks which he can use to replace one of his auto-attacks during a phase. During the final standard phase he can use any phase specific attack. These attacks are as follows:

Acid Phase

Acid Spit: Olm will spit out a number of different acid pools. If you stand on top of these pools you will take damage of between 3 and 6 per game tick.
Acid Trail: Olm will select one player and generate acid pools under them, wherever they walk/run. Therefore, to avoid damage you must move around the room, and try to avoid covering tiles your team mates are using.

Flame Phase

Flame Wall: Olm will spawn two fire walls across the entire chamber, trapping the player inside. If the player does not escape in time they will take damage as high as 65 hp. In order to free yourself or team mates someone must cast a water spell such as Humidify, Ice Spells and/or Water spells on the wall.
Burn with me: A green fireball will land on a chosen player causing them to yell out “burn with me!”. The player will then take 5 damage every few seconds and their stats will decrease by 2 every time this happens. The burn also has the ability to spread to other players within 1 tile radius of anyone who is currently burning.

Crystal Phase

Crystal Bombs: Olm will release a bomb into the chamber. After a short period the bomb explodes dealing up to 60 damage if you are close, and a minimum of 15 damage. The damage scales based on how close you are to the bomb.
Falling crystals: One player will be highlighted with a red circle and crystals will begin to fall on their position, dealing 16-20 damage if caught by one. simply continue moving to avoid this attack.



How to kill Olm

As previously mentioned the Olm has 3 attackable npcs. During the first three phases you will want to attack his right claw with magicgear and attack his left claw with melee. During the final phase only the head will be left alive, you will then attack this with range. Using an incorrect attack style will result in drastically slower kill times and it is not feasible to do so.

Room positioning

The blue zones are the safe areas.
The left side of the room is the mage hand.
The right side of the room is the melee hand.
The dark blue line is where you longrange from when melee clenches.
The black square is the thumb, meet here for teleports.



OSRS Scouting in CoX

What is Scouting?

Scouting is the process of entering a raid and checking the raid layout from room to room. If the rooms are not desirable, you simply leave and “rescout” the raid. Scouting good raid rotations increases your GP/Hour drastically, as well as making it easier to find teammates.

How do you Scout a Raid?

Turn on the Chambers of Xeric plugin within Runelite and then:

Join your own Friend’s Chat (FC)
Make a party at the party board in the Raids Area
Enter the Raid and check the pop-up of the rotation
If the Raid looks bad, start the raid then leave
Rescout for a better raid, and repeat until you find one

What does a good scout look like?

Any 5 room raid containing the Tightrope room is generally a good scout.

Tightrope provides the best points per hour outside of olm. The smaller raid size of only 5 rooms makes getting to olm faster, which is beneficial as olm is the best points per hour.

What do the Letters in a Raid Layout Stand for?

These refer to the letters shown at the top of a scout, for example “SCSPFCCSPF” as shown in the “good scout” example above.

C = Boss room
P = Puzzle room
F = Farming room
S = Scav room