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OSRS Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

OSRS Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

corrupted gauntlet

Completion of the Song of the Elves is required to enter Prifddinas. The location for the Gauntlet and Corrupted Gauntlet in Oldschool RS.

It is also highly recommended that you have high combat stats. Level 85 or higher in each, with 77+ prayer and Piety, Rigour and Augury prayers all unlocked. High skilling stats are also beneficial in the following skills; Cooking, Farming, Mining, Fishing and Woodcutting.

Table of Contents

Gauntlet Strategy OSRS
Mechanics for the Hunllef fight:
5:1 Method for Hunllef
Redemption Method for Gauntlet

Gauntlet Strategy OSRS

When you enter the corrupted gauntlet, you will want to collect resources to craft armour and weapons. You will also need food and prayer potions for the Hunllef fight, in order to get consistent kills. The best order to do this in is as follows:

Kill the low level NPCs in the first few rooms until you find a Weapon Frame.
Return to the starting room. Make a Tier 1 or 2 Staff here, depending on how many shards you have, 20 for tier 1, 80 for tier 2. Also, make 2x Vials if you have another 20 shards free. However, a Tier 2 staff always takes priority over the vials, in terms of purchase order.
As you proceed throw the following steps below you will need to also collect the following materials.

320 Shards
3x Crystal Ore
3x Linum Tirinium
3x Phren Bark
16 – 20 Paddlefish
2x Grym Leaf

Find and kill a tier 3 monster. Pick up their upgrade (Bowstring, Orb or Spike) and the second weapon frame. You only need one tier 3 weapon. However, it is recommended to hunt for a second tier 3, especially if the first monster you find is the bear. Tier 3 monsters can only be found in the rooms marked with an X in the image below.
Use your teleport crystal given to you when entering the gauntlet.
Cook your paddlefish, make your second weapon and upgrade to tier 3 weapons, make tier 1 armour and finally grind 20 shards to make 2x Egniol potions. You’re now ready to fight the Corrupted Hunllef.

Tier 3 Monster locations



Your final inventory and gear setup can be found below:

Mechanics for the Hunllef fight:

The Hunllef will start the fight with a random protection prayer. You can see this before you enter so be prepared. He will switch protection prayer on your 6th attack that lands on him. A hit dealt on the Hunllef with a style it was already protecting against will not count towards this tally.
The first attack he does will always be a range attack. He will then change his attack style every 4 attacks, alternating between mage and range attacks for the fight. Each attack is done at a speed of 5 ticks.
He has two special attacks through-out the fight:

Prayer Disabling: When attacking with magic he has the ability to turn your protection prayers off. Highly recommended to have your quick prayers to protect from magic.
Tornado Attack: He can also summon multiple Tornados (up to 4) which chase the player. If caught stationary on the same tile as the Tornado, players will receive high damage.

The floor will light up in numerous locations around the room. They will appear highlighted red as a warning, once they turn orange you can not stand on these tiles, if you do you will receive a high amount of damage.



5:1 Method for Hunllef

For casual runs, you should definitely get two tier 3 weapons. However, this method is worthwhile to know. It is often used during combat achievement tasks and is generally faster overall. So, you may wish to use it to speed up completion times.

The method involves doing 5 hits with your main tier 3 weapon. Then on the 6th hit you switch attack styles so that Hunllef protects against that style. Time is saved significantly in the prep stage. However, Hunllef will be slightly slower. Setups are as follows:

Tier 3 Bow + Tier 1 Staff. Do 5 bow hits then 1 staff/punch depending on Hunllef’s prayer.
Tier 3 Staff + Tier 1 Bow. Do 5 staff hits then 1 bow/punch depending on Hunllef’s prayer.

Not recommended to do this with a tier 3 halberd, simply hunt for a second tier 3. If you do wish to do it though, you will need both a tier 1 staff and bow.

Redemption Method for Gauntlet

The redemption prayer can be activated to make every prayer pot dose count as an effective 24 hitpoints. For casual runs this is only recommended when you feel food supplies may be running low. For it to work you must turn on redemption only after he has fired the attack. Once you see the animation come is the time when you should turn it on. His max hit is 13 on tier 1 armour so make sure you are above 13 hp to not risk dying.

Make sure protection prayers are back on for the hunllefs next attack. The closer you are to him the more time you will give yourself for this.



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