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OSRS 1-99 Runecrafting Guide

OSRS 1-99 Runecrafting Guide

Runecrafting Training in OSRS

Runecrafting has long been one of OSRS players most hated skill. This is often because it can be a tedious and slow process to reach level 99. Making it one of the more prestigious skill capes in osrs.



Questing: level 1 – 33

The early levelling of runecrafting can be extremely slow, therefore, it is highly recommended to do quests to receive their rewards early. To reach level 33 players should complete the following quests:

The Ascent of Arceuus
The Eyes of Glouphrie
The Slug Menace
Temple of the Eye
Enter the Abyss miniquest

Lava Runes: level 23 – 99

Crafting Lava runes is the fastest runecrafting experience available in the game currently.

It is recommended players have access to the Magic Imbue spell, requiring completion of Lunar Diplomacy and a 82 magic level. As it removes the need for an earth talisman.

Use your best weight-reducing equipment, and a ring of dueling to teleport to the Fire Altar (duel arena teleport) and back to Castle Wars bank.

Experience rates are shown below. It is possible to gain up to 110,000 experience per hour doing solo lava runecrafting.

Lava Runners

Players with an abundance of wealth and gp can opt to greatly increase experience rates through the use of “runners”.

This method involves paying other players (generally 3 – 4 runners) to run essence to the altar for you. With 3 runners experience rates are around 180k per hour, scaling up to around 240k with 4 runners. Each runner typically costs between 5 – 10m gp per hour, depending on experience. Making it one of the most expensive training methods in the game.

You can find a discord dedicated to helping players find essence runners in our list of useful osrs discords.



Alternative Methods

While Lava Runecrafting can be extremely good experience it is often known as one of the most intensive forms of runecrafting training. Below you can find some strong alternatives for training the runecrafting skill.

Ourania Altar: level 1 – 99

The Ourania Altar, also known as ZMI offers competitive experience rates. But, is far less intensive when compared to combination runes such as lavas. This altar is unique, as it will convert your essence into a random selection of runes. This makes it a profitable method, with profits and experience rates scaling at higher levels. At High levels players can expect around 400-550k profit per hour. Experience rates are shown below in the chart.

Completion of Lunar Diplomacy is necessary for this method. As players will need access to the Ourania Teleport on the Lunar Spellbook. In addition, runes for the teleport as well as NPC contact are required. As you will need to repair pouches via the contact spell.

World 480 and world 327 are the official worlds for the Ourania Altar. They are highly recommended as they reduce the amount of damage taken from aggressive monsters in the cave. Be sure to turn off auto-retaliate.

Ourania Altar Gear Setup

The optimal setup can be found above. Use as many essence pouches as you have available at your current level. Furthermore, if you have 96 Magic and A Kingdom Divided complete, you can use Spellbook Swap to cast Vile Vigour. This Arceuus spell will replenish your run energy for prayer points. You can replenish prayer by using the Altar at the teleport location outside the Altar. Removing the need for stamina potions, however, if you do not have access to this, then sipping a dose of stamina at the bank when you run low or out works just as well.



Blood & Soul Runes: Level 77 – 99

At level 77, players unlock the ability to runecraft blood runes in Arceuus, and soul runes at level 90. It provides worse experience than lavas and ZMI. However, can provide some small profits and is known for its very low levels of intensity, providing a highly afkable method for Runecrafting. Players can expect between 35,000 and 40,000 experience per hour running blood runes. With, around 48,000 experience from soul runecrafting at level 90.

For this method start at Arceuus essence mine. Bring a Pickaxe and a chisel. Mine a full invent of dense essence blocks. Take them to the Dark altar and use them there. Then chisel the blocs and head to the respective Runic altar to gain runes and experience.

With this method you will also gain passive experience in Crafting and Mining. From 77-99 runecrafting using bloods and souls, you will gain around 1,646,000 Crafting and 1,235,000. So, if you plan to do this method it may be worth doing it before you reach 99 in those respective skills.

Guardians of the Rift: Level 27 – 99

Guardians of the Rift is a minigame for Runecrafting. It offers a much more engaging way to train the skill and is also fairly efficient, offering competitive experience rates. Similarly to Arceuus Runecrafting this method also gives a similar rate of passive crafting and mining experience. Hourly rates can be found below.

Completion of the Temple of the Eye quest is required to participate in the Minigame. For the best experience rates, use your best available pickaxe and as many essence pouches as you can.

How to play Guardians of Rift minigame in OSRS?

Grab a weak cell and 5-10 uncharged cells before the start of the round. Then follow this step-by-step;

Create barriers or a Guardian if necessary
Run down east slope towards the large remains
Mine 140 to 180 fragments
Craft essence until the second altar, then use an altar
Enter the portal and mine till your maximum
Redeem stones and charged cell
Use an altar, redeem stones/cells and deposit your runes
Craft 40 essence and use another altar.
Repeat steps 5-8 until the end of the round

Use NPC contact between the rounds to repair your pouches when required.