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OSRS 1-99 Ranged Guide

OSRS 1-99 Ranged Guide

Range Training in OSRS

The range skill makes up one of the 3 primary attack styles for PVM in OSRS. This article will provide the best osrs guide on how to efficiently train the skill from 1 to 99. Showing you the fastest method, in addition, to a range of strong alternatives.



General Ranged Training Notes

Always use the rapid attack style
Always use gear with the highest offensive stats in range for training. Elite void range is best against low defence monsters due to its damage-boosting effect. Masori, Armadyl, Crystal and black dragon hide become better when monsters have increased defence. For training purposes you want to fight low defence monsters for maximum exp. It is not worthwhile to get elite void ranged purely for range training. However, it is an important set for any account to have so it may be worthwhile getting early. Void is seen with uses at places such as Vorkath, the Theatre of Blood and more.
Complete Animal Magnetism quest as soon as possible. This will unlock the Ava’s Device, worn in the cape-slot this item will return your ammo.

Fastest Ranged Experience

Below you can find the fastest methods to reach 99 ranged in old school runescape.

Questing: level 1 – 32

Completing Death to the Dorgeshuun, Shadow of the Storm and Horror from the Deep will get the player from level 1 to 32.

Dwarf Multicannon: level 1 – 45

This method requires completion of the quest Dwarf Cannon. After the quest is complete you will unlock the Dwarf Multicannon. The cannon can deal damage up to a max of 30 and can hit multiple targets at once. Making it a great option at low levels.

Use the cannon in places such as Rock Crabs, Sand Crabs or Ogres.

Chinning Maniacal Monkeys: level 45 – 99

Using Chinchompas to train range is by far the fastest method for ranging experience in the game. The best place to do this is at Maniacal Monkeys, located in Kruk’s Dungeon on Ape Atoll. This will require the player to have at least started chapter 2 of the Monkey Madness II quest.

Elite void ranged is the best armour to use here due to the monkeys low defence and the armours damage boosting effects. Experience rates are shown below based on the use of elite void ranged and Rigour. Eagle eye as opposed to Rigour would lower rates by around 5-7%.



Alternative Training Methods for Range in OSRS

Methods such as Chinning can be very expensive and not everyone will want to unlock requirements such as Monkey Madness II. Therefore, you can find some strong alternatives listed below

Killing Crabs: level 1 – 45/70

Killing Rock, Sand, Swamp and/or Ammonite Crabs offers a cheap and afkable method to training the ranging skill. They all have high hitpoints, low defence and low offensive stats, making them perfect for low level training. It is recommended to have at least 30 defence. You can find each crab in the following locations:

Rock Crabs on Relekka.
Sand Crabs in Hosidius.
Swamp Crabs on the south-east side of Port Phasmatys.
Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island.

Nightmare Zone: level 70 – 99

This method allows players to be AFK for up to 20 minutes, before the player will stop auto-retaliating to monsters. Use the customisable rumble setup. Players can receive up to 70,000 experience per hour using a magic shortbow (i), rune arrows and super ranging potions. You can get higher rates with the Blowpipe, however, it is not worthwhile due to the significant supply cost increase.

The best monsters for afkable experience are:

King Roald (What Lies Below)
Count Draynor (Vampire Slayer)
The Kendal (Mountain Daughter)
Sand Snake (The Depths of Despair)
Trapped Soul (The Ascent of Arceuus)

Train Ranged with Slayer: level 75 – 99

The Toxic Blowpipe is unlocked at 75 range. While it is not efficient to train slayer using a Toxic Blowpipe, it may be something you wish to do if you do not value gaining melee or magic skill experience. You benefit from the Slayer Helmet (i) and its ability to grant 15% damage and accuracy boost to range. However, the blowpipe is also expensive to use so it is worth taking this expense into account when deciding if you wish to use this method.