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OSRS 1-99 Magic Guide

OSRS 1-99 Magic Guide

Magic in OSRS

Magic makes up one of the three combat styles used in OSRS. In this osrs guide, we will cover the fastest methods of training the skill from 1 to 99. In addition, to some alternative methods for training the skill to offer variety.



Fastest Magic Exp Methods

Below you can find a list of the best methods for training the magic skill in osrs in terms of overall account efficiency.

Questing: level 1 – 34

Early levels of magic can be skipped entirely, simply by completing a few quests. Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher will get you to level 10, they are both extremely short quests.

Furthermore, The Grand Tree, Fairytale I – Growing Pains, Watchtower and the Lumbridge Guide subquest of Recipe for Disaster will boost your magic up to level 34.

Killing Crabs: level 1 – 55

You can do this method from level 1 or 34 if following the previous advise to do questing early. Killing crabs with combat spells is super easy. These monsters are aggressive, which allows you to go afk for up to 10 minutes with auto-retaliate on.

Crabs have High hp, low defence and low offensive stats. It is however, recommended to have at least 30 defence. Crabs can be found in the following locations:

Rock Crabs on Relekka.
Sand Crabs on Hosidius
Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island



Passive Training Methods for Magic in OSRS

Once you hit level 55, magic is now most efficiently trained while doing other activities and is therefore considered to be trained as “zero time”. The hourly experience in magic is often not the best because of this.

If you do want pure magic experience then the fastest method would be barraging/bursting Maniacal Monkeys which is discussed below.

High Level Alchemy: level 55+

Cast the high level alchemy spell at level 55 onwards. Use the spell on various items to turn them into coins. Look for items on the Grand Exchange that will result in profit and that you can buy large volumes of. Longbows and such as usually good items. Look for whatever is the cheapest or most profitable that you can buy many of at that time.

Use the spell while questing, doing melee combat, training agility, between farm runs or birdhouse runs and more.

Bake Pie Spell: level 65+

Lunar Diplomacy quest must be complete for access to Lunar Spellbook to cast this spell. The spell offers fast cooking experience, in addition to a good amount of passive magic experience. Gain up to 113,000 magic experience per hour with this spell.



Magic Imbue: level 82+

Lunar Diplomacy quest also required for this spell. This is mainly used for runecrafting lavas, as it negates the players need for talismans. The spell can only be cast once every 21 ticks, so slow experience, maxing out at 24k per hour.

Slayer: level 70+

Slayer is one of the best ways to train Magic. It is efficient for both skills and you can receive high experience rates in each using the burst or barrage spells. Monster drops also make it so a lot of the tasks you do will at minimum break even in most cases, when accounting for supply costs.

Maniacal Monkeys: level 70+

The method requires partial completion of Monkey Madness II, until the player reaches Kruk’s Dungeon. These monkeys are in a multi-combat area, whereby many of them will attack you, they have low defence, long aggression range and reasonably high hp.

Using Ice burst players can expect around 310,000 experience per hour. Scaling to 400,000 exp per hour in magic with ice barrage at level 94. This is the best option if you do not wish to train the skill passively.