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OSRS 1-99 Fletching Guide

OSRS 1-99 Fletching Guide

Fletching in OSRS

Fletching is a super fast skill to train in Olschool Runescape. Arguably the fastest because it can be trained from level 1 to 99 with zero time invested, when trained efficiently. This OSRS guide will show you exactly how it can be done. As well as providing you with some other alternatives.



Early Fletching Levels

From level 1 it is worthwhile to look at Quest Rewards as a way of skipping early levels. As you will likely need to complete these quests for your account at some point anyway. Animal Magnetism, Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Zogre Flesh Eaters all have very low requirements and are fast to complete. These will grant you a total of 3,262 fletching experience, getting you to level 18. To reach level 30 players can also complete Temple of Ikov and The Fremennik Trials.

Fletching Experience from Quest Rewards

Fletching with Zero Time Invested

There are types of fletching which can be done without interrupting player movement, or needing regular interactions with banks.

This makes these methods perfect for being used while doing other activities. Players often pair efficient fletching training with activities such as; Questing, training Agility, Hunter and/or Slayer, during farm runs and while playing Wintertodt between kills.



Darts: Levels 10-99

Darts is by far the easiest and most popular zero time training for fletching. The simplicity it offers, with only 2 clicks being required to fletch a set of 10 darts. Allows the player to do this fairly easily while training other skills.

It is recommended to buy the dart tips in bulk, well ahead of time. As Grand Exchange buy limits can often limit your experience rates.

Alternative Fletching Experience Methods

Understandably not everyone can afford the money that is required for buyable methods such as Darts. Below are some alternative fletching methods.

Fletching Bows: Levels 5-99

Creating bows is a very slow method of training fletching. However, the method benefits from a very low amount of effort, players can effectively be AFK for long periods of the process. Around 1700 bows can be fletched per hour and 2450 bows can be strung per hour.

Fletching Bows in OSRS